Monday, 11 May 2015

Media Monday: Casey Neistat, Youth Club

I don't think I need to state the obvious anymore. You and I both know I've got you sorted in the media department. May the celebrations of the end of Monday, begin!

First up, Casey Neistat pronounced Nice-Tatt, let's say it together now, Neis-tat. I knew I liked this guy when he started of one of his videos with a For-Dummies on how to pronounce his name. I see where he's coming from, trust me. I still have to politely correct people that it is neither Edna nor Edwin, simply Edwina. That and I am probably one of the annoying people whose been referring to him as Nay-stat, Knee-Stat and any other mispronunciation you can think of.

As you may already know through this article I am a bit of a JacksGap fan. This channel blazed the trail for what is now my slight Youtube addiction. Let's call JacksGap a town square, where I met Caspar Lee, Danisnotonfire, FunforLouis, Will Darbyshire, Mr. Ben Brown and ultimately Casey Neistat. Now that's networking at its best.

The video was Words of Wisdom: Casey Neistat and being the Jack Harries enthusiast I had become and seeing as to how  it was only a three minutes long, there was no reason not to play it.

"I don't like film making," excuse you, was my immediate response, "I like telling stories." Just like that he got me. You could tell that more than knowing what he does he knows why he does it; passion. In Casey's own words,

" I always made a living to make movies, I never made movies to try and make a living" 

Let's just let that marinate a while.

So who is Casey Neistat? On a quest to find that out myself, I became a subscriber to his channel. Besides being a film maker extraordinaire, his a father a pretty cool one might I add, a husband, daily vlogger,  an athlete having run and been ranked in a couple of marathons and triathlons, let's just say with this guy the list goes on and on.

His daily vlogs have become a necessary part of my morning routine which always keep me coming back for more. I literally never know what I'll wake up to. It could be Candice being her usual camera shy self or adorable Francine smiling at us, Owen working his first job or Casey casually answering a phone call from Anna Wintour. Anything and anyone can pop up on his channel. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Casey Neistat never fails to present his viewers with a challenge, either through his lifestyle or the one-on-one talks before the actual vlog. He dares to do what has never been done before and manages to remain human about it. Go on over to his channel and soak it all up. You will not be disappointed, if anything, you will be inspired and constantly reminded to DO MORE and WORK HARDER. (You'll understand why those are in bold once you watch a couple of his vlogs).

On to the music scene now. The band I am about to introduce you to are just epic. They aren't big stars ...yet, and part of me wants it to remain that way. Super cool and laid back is their aura and their music knows how to hit highs and lows with excellent precision and timing. Who am I rambling on about? Youth Club.

Their song People came on. The fusion between the bass guitar, drums and the keyboard, each distinct yet one and don't even get me started on the muffled sensuous vocals. If you thought People was something wait until you hear She's a dancer and Your only self.

Each of their songs brings these very elements to play. This should not be mistaken to mean that their songs sound the same, on the contrary that's the mystery, how do they manage to sound so different in the same way?

Listening to them just makes me feel like going out there and doing something, something new, laid back and relaxing; penny boarding, skate boarding, surfing, you name it. That's the vibe they give, breezy and surf-culture. Go ahead and listen to their EP "Colours" and "Brothers" on their Soundcloud because the three tracks, simply will not be enough.

Let me know what you think about Casey and Youth Club. Other than that,

Have a good one!

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