Monday, 12 January 2015

Media Monday #1

I trust that you are having a wonderful start to your week. If you're not, fear not I am here to fix that.

So from the title of this post I hope you get the impression of a series. It is only fair that I tell you upfront that it is very unlikely that it will be weekly because I can only indulge in T.V and or music ever so often, but on the bright side you get a feel of what's going on in my head, my mind, my world. With that said, Media Monday was not originally my idea. This baby was borrowed from one Adora over at halcyonbound. Adora's is Music Monday,a little tweak here and a little tweak there we have Media Monday's. Help me express my gratitude by heading over there and showing her some love; share, comment, just indulge.

Are you excited yet? Of to Media Monday then.

Isn't it mind blowing that when you have exams the internet seems even more interesting and the stars are in alignment for once, take having the house to yourself for instance. Well this weekend that was the situation. The fruit borne from scavenging the internet for a cheap thrill, Jack's Gap. This gives the impression that I immediately fell in love with Jack Harries. Actually it was more of a "meh" emotion which progressed to dislike and eleven videos later, I was obsessed.

Meh: The first video I watched was Jack introducing his twin brother, Finn (Please note I am containing myself from saying #FinnFinnTheBetterTwin). Verdict on the video, not much. But I had faith plus his thumbnails were pretty cool so I did the inevitable, watched another of his videos.

Dislike: Five hours in Hong Kong. This was how I discovered I am nothing minutely close to a hopeless romantic. I have no intention of spoiling it for you, so go ahead and watch the video. The grand gesture thing just left me, I don't know, perturbed? jealous? All I know, there I was watching it over again.

Obsessed: The beginning . Given that I had already watched two videos of Jack's Gap, heck, why not just start from his very first video. Eleven videos later, forget studying, Jack and I, okay and Finn, basic BFF's. There I was counting Maoams , using the word "cheeky" in the cheekiest of ways and convincing myself that these *insert ghetto fabulous voice* two fine brothers, were indeed telepathic. I guess it is safe to say that I was sorted.

Ultimately, I ended up being more familiar with English slang other than Marxism or Legal Realism and praying to the good God on high to add just a few more hours to the weekend for compensation purposes. Lesson learned: Go check out Jack's Gap pronto! Oh yeah and I lost a couple of five minutes of my life that I will never get back. Thanks, thanks a lot Jack.

Interesting factoid, Jack and Finn happened to be in my city Nairobi, Kenya about a week ago (do not do the shmoney dance... okay on second thought, do it).

Musically speaking, do yourself a favor and go check out Nothing But Thieves. Warning: it is Indie. I may or may not be a big fan, still finding that out at the moment but these guys, they just do something to you. It's chills and calm all at the same time. Is that even possible? Okay at least with this song.

Last but not least, I have been watching Got to Dance every weekday on DSTV channel 102, 7.30 pm East African time (you see how I sneaked in that promo in there?). So besides looking, no, gawking at Ashley one of the judges, there are a couple of acts that honestly this will make no sense but, wow! Dance Illusion, Bitter Harvest a married ballet duo who have come out of ten years of retirement and dance like SYTYCD 2012 winners, Chehon and Eliana, probably even better given they are the only other ballet act I remember and this will sound corny but the love for their craft and each other besides their incredible technique is the icing on the cake.

My all time favorite, Sharifa. Eeyore in demeanor, Tigger when she dances.

Happy reading y'all.

P.S Expect back to back book reviews. Slacking has officially been omitted from my vocab.


  1. You write so well I wanna cry :-(
    More of obsessed then obsessed then it came to an end :-)

    1. Thanks girl!
      P.s are you lookingat blogs while at work? If you are, I guess you gotta survive somehow:D