Monday, 25 May 2015

Media Monday: TokyoTales, Nellyville, Good Music

Hello people. It's Monday. State the obvious why don't you? Well my week has gotten off on a rocky start but after a scripture reading and watching a bit of Wendy Williams with Hot Topics being served just the way I like it, Hot, I was up and ready to roll.

Now on to your weekly dose of stuff that has tickled my fancy this past week.

It is no secret that I am a reality t.v junkie, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Dance Moms, Bring It! Cake Boss, Flipping Boston you name it. My policy is, if it's on and I have the time, why not give it a shot. So when I heard that  Nelly of "Hot in here" would have a reality t.v show,Nellyville, I was tuned in.

A couple of episodes got me hooked. Here I was thinking that I am the fifth addition into Nelly's close knit family. Nana, Li'l Shawn a.k.a Tab, Stink and Tre are the residents of Nellyville. I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, wouldn't want to forget you there (I just had to, a little Outkast never killed nobody). Ms. Jackson is Nelly's girlfriend who also happens to be Mayweather's ex-girlfriend, small world, huh?

You get to see a whole different light on Nelly. Who would have ever thought that he would be a family man. He knows all four of his kids like the back of his hand; he knows when a party has Li'l Shawn's name written all over it and when to go on a Daddy-Daughter date with Nana or supporting Stink as she takes her driving test more than once not forgetting to support Tre as he explores his future in the world of sports. But hands down, the one who takes the cup is Li'l Shawn. His intrigues will see you being his partner in crime and leaving him to deal with the aftermath.

Be warned a binge on this show will have you owning a St. Louis accent adding more r's in a word than necessary. I am talking about being scarrrrrrrred, nerrrrrrvous, tirrrrred and barrrrrely remembering how you talked before.

Don't think I have forgotten about your Youtube fix. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on an exchange program, in a foreign land, far from home? No this is not an AIESEC pitch but that's one way of fulfilling your exchange program dream. I bring you South African teenager Kemu of TokyoTales.

This fifteen, year old at the time that is, decided to go on a one year exchange program to Japan on her own and live with a host family whom she has never met before, basically living with strangers and documenting it through vlogging. Daunting, I know. She captures the whole experience with such a positive attitude and such enthusiasm, she's got me thinking of going on my own exchange.

Besides being a bust of energy and a breath of fresh air she gives out some pretty useful tips, stuff that I would never have thought of. She advises against carrying your whole house as you pack, learning the language mainly the basics before hand, getting along with your host family and a whole bunch of other stuff that were not on my radar.

The good news is I watched all 20 of her videos in a night and the bad news is she only has 20 videos when you wish she had more. However,that should not be the reason not getting you over to her channel

Now for music. This week I am switching up a bit, instead of just one band why not a couple of people whose songs I cannot stop bobbing my head to.

This may be the wrong way to start, but if you watch t.v beyond a certain time certain ads air. I might as well come right out and say it Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware was the soundtrack to a Durex advert. This makes it a lot harder to say why I like the song. Well at least the music video is in no way, shape or form raunchy have a look and listen here before I lead you to thinking any less of me than you already are.

The next guy is Josef Salvat. Yet another discovery that happened in the small hours of the weekend morning. It's another one of those chill songs with just the right amount of rhythm, almost upbeat except not all through. Earphones in, eyes closed and calm is all yours. Open Season.

Last but surely not least, Hozier. This guy is good. I actually forgot how good he is. Yes, Take Me To Church was a smash hit but his got some great music. I for one have fallen head over heels in love with From Eden. Those guitar chords make me embarrassed to admit the only instrument I can play is the descant recorder and Hozier's voice is strong, moving,distant and foreign while the video just made me make a mental note to go on a family road trip when I have my young, fresh family with just the one kid. I feel guilty just writing about the one song.

You go have yourself one heck of a week.

Have a good one!

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