Sunday, 31 May 2015

Surviving College: What Should Be In My Bag

I actually wanted to write this really early in the day around three p.m when the sun took a peek out, kids were playing outside and for once their excitement didn't bug me. Energy was at a high. Well, procrastination took over, so here I am writing a few hours later than intended.

What's in my college bag? A lot. Most of it necessary.With these bad boys the phrase fully equipped would be a perfect description of where I am at on any given day immediately translating into productivity.

These are the essentials that have me set and ready on an average college day. Note that one or more of these things fail to get in my bag thanks to a chronic case of forgetfulness so this post might as well double up as a checklist.

1. House keys. These are rarely in my bag. They are usually on my person. Literally attached to the hip. Before leaving the house, patting my side pockets has become a ritual just to confirm their presence. Experience could not have been a better teacher after an incident that left me sitting outside my own home for a good four hours.

2. Phone and earphones. Interestingly enough I have never forgotten my phone but I can't say the same for my earphones. One thing's for sure I am not the type of person to borrow earphones. If they aren't there, there goes my sweet escape from the now.

3.Little bag. The bag within the bag. There is no mystery here. Just some meds which will save my class the horrors of seeing me in full sinus mode i.e sniffles, chesty coughs, wheezing, red eyes etc. and me the embarrassment cum misery. Other stuff include tissue, pads and some good old fashioned oil, you cannot afford to be walking around with chapped lips or rough hands something a little petroleum jelly could fix.

4. Gum/Sweets. These are usually saved exclusively for the library, afternoon classes or classes that generally have me nodding off. They are not 100% effective but bare in mind the fight between myself and the Sandman still goes on, it doesn't necessarily have to be won.

5. Books. These are just one of those necessary things. You either have them or you have a system that works for you.

6. Stationery set. Everything in here remains compact and intact; pens, pencils, sticky notes,a ruler, eraser there used to be a sharpener. The only down side to being this prepared is people around you tend to think that your set is communal as they frequently proceed to help themselves to the contents. Although sharing is caring it can escalate into being annoying.

7. Water bottles. Two 500 mls usually do the trick since I have become very particular on getting a liter of water daily in my system. I could carry a one liter bottle but a bonus health life hack for you, smaller bottles are less daunting so you get to your one liter goal in a more relaxed manner. Two bottles is yet another instance which is mistaken for sharing is caring when it's really abuse of the sorry soul who hurls a liter of water from home every other day.

8. Lunch and break box. Carrying my own lunch and snacks saves me a tonne in the financial department so an investment in  tupperware  has gone a long way. One perk of carrying my own food, I can eat during lunch just to keep the hunger pangs at bay during those mid-morning classes.

9. Novel. A good book plus my favorite tunes just before the beginning of an early morning class does the job. A nice calm way to start the day since I am not a morning people person. It also comes in quite handy when I happen to be stuck in a never ending Nairobi traffic jam.

10. Wallet. Holds most of my money. You always have to have a secret stash somewhere else in case of an emergency.

11. Raincoat. This used to be an umbrella but after I lost one and replacing it would cause a dent on my tight, tight budget. The next best thing was a raincoat I've had since primary school which has served me well enough. Hey, it's either my primary school raincoat or having a psychological breakdown every time I see the clouds gather. What would you do?

12. Coins. Public transport always has me experiencing change woes; you can't give the conductor too huge an amount lest you spend your entire commute home eyeballing the conductor who may be cheeky enough to make away with your change that also happens to be the rest of the week's fare. Or forgetting that you had change altogether. Take my advice and play it safe either with exact change or when the conductor asks that all too important question, "Uko na mbao nikurudishie finje?" you will be making it rain on them with nothing but coins.

I hope these essentials become as important to you as they are to me. Well at least some of them. It is the last day of May so see you next month. Until then,

Have a good one!

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