Monday, 18 May 2015

Media Monday: Fun For Louis, Shura

Merry Monday everyone! Isn't that  a switch up from the usual Monday Blues. I hope the week has started on a positive note. If it has let's take that a notch higher with your dose of what I have been into.

As you may already know I am a big fan of the 'Tube. Call me a fangirl if you wish considering I may possess  all the traits of this new category of mankind. It so happened that on one of my binge trips to Youtube nearly every British Youtuber was raving about Thatcher Joe's Youtuber Impressions video.

Joe Sugg does does quite the job leaving you in stitches. He has done a number of these videos but why this one in particular stands out was his stellar impression of the man or should I say channel of the week, Louis Cole of  FunForLouis.

When I first saw Louis my immediate thoughts when he helped the JacksGap duo to transform Jack's room into a ball pit was, "Here comes trouble." A few weeks later, I decided to head on down to his channel and when the search recommendations read "FunForLouis Arrested" , told ya!

Yeah well, as per usual I was wrong, he wasn't the criminal the search suggestions had painted him out to be. Turns out he is just one tall, globe trotting, lover of all things thrilling, dread-head who absolutely reeks of fun and adventure.

So far through his escapades, I have been to Cuba, done some epic snowboarding in Canada, had a meet up in Florida during Playlist Live, swam with sharks and taken a casual ride in a Ferrari in Dubai, caught up  with Casey Neistat in The Big Apple, had a conversation with a resident at the International Space Station and the best part, that is not even the half of it.

His vlogging skills are through the roof, aspiring vloggers want to be him while the best of vloggers have bowed down to him even lightly poking fun at him by coining the phrase "Louis Style" or going right ahead  imitating some of his shots. Case in point, his coffee and door scenes. He just may be dubbed The Godfather of Vlogging.

Watching his channel is such a treat, mind blowing and I kid you not, you never know what's coming. His editing and hip-hop jazzy soundtracks that his got going on hit the spot. Go ahead, watch a couple of his videos and see if you won't be craving a cup of coffee with Louis' stamp of approval, wishing you could replace walking with penny-boarding or saying his outro  "Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure, BOOM!" with him.

Now for music. I am beginning to question my own taste in music nowadays. This slow indie types were never my thing, believe it or not. Which gives you a hint that the next band/musician is no different.

Shura. My best music discoveries are usually made on late Saturday nights. Shura was at a whole other level as I stumbled upon her early Sunday morning between 12 and 1 a.m.

The song 2Shy. It did not waste anytime by getting to the good stuff with the 80s feel it was giving off. Then the oversized denim jacket Shura paired with a print button down shirt not forgetting her blond blue-is-the-warmest-color tipped hair. She looked and sounded to be straight out of the 80s and that just hit the ball out of the game park for me. I thought it was enough until the song just picked up at the right time.

Her dreamy voice and her lyrics just leave you feeling some type of way with how she wears her vulnerability on her sleeve.

Her signature 80s vibe is soft, light, subtle but most importantly not trying hard at all. Her music can fit in Say Anything (1989) in that iconic scene where John Cusack raises the boombox  or Paper Towns (2015) because we all know Quentin felt some type of way about Margo but he was just 2Shy to say it.

Have a good one!

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