Friday, 10 April 2015

Surviving College: My best days are stress days.

Let's be real, you know you are growing up when you have one of those days when you are just not feeling it. Danisnotonfire enlightened me, giving this "thing" a name, The Existential Crisis. I have dubbed them, the *sighs(literally sigh)*-days or one of those days, or down-in-the dump days. Take your pick.

But in the famous words of one of my favorite rappers, K. Dot, better known as Kendrick Lamar, "MY best days ARE stress days". Of course only when I look back on them because in the moment, disappearing into thin air is one of those offers which I might just take up. Therefore, I come from the future, promising that as corny as this sounds one day you will look back on this and laugh.

So here are my tips and tricks on how I get over my down-in-the-dump days:

1. Read the Bible. I will be honest enough to say that I do not do this as often as I should, but when I do, it does more than pick me up,it has me hangin' on cloud nine. A good Bible verse or even a whole chapter does the trick. Its always good to know that G-O-D is watching down on little old me. After some WE-Time (God and I), I always like to end it with a word of prayer. An essay of prayer is more like it. My prayer requests sometime run from here to the Himalayas , I find it best to write them down and come back when the whirlwind that is my life comes down and literally count my blessings; ticking off my answered prayers.

Didn't I tell you, you'll one day look back on this and laugh? Here is your moment.

2. Watch some Youtube. My best and worst days have me ooh-ing and aah-ing at Naptural85's gorgeous mane and her daughter Oya's milestones, what can I say who knew watching a two-year old would be the highlight of my day. Other days I live the adventure on FunForLouis and other days see me debating whether I should join the phenomenon that is Snapchat thanks to one Casey Neistat.

3. Watch a series. For me, I tend to be a reality type of girl. So, you can find me mentally bucking on command from Miss D of Lifetime's Dancing Dolls or rooting for Nia and her "sloppy feet", laughing at Kendall's developed sense of humor,or hoping that 'Kenzie, lives up or better yet surpasses the bar set by Maddie, her sister. Forget Dance Moms, call me a Dance Sister. I am sure Miss Abby cannot help but roll her eyes at me.

4. Indulge in a guilty pleasure. OREOS! Twist, Lick and Dunk! You my friend  have just changed the game. Go easy though, you don't need cavities in your life.

5. Sleep. Is there a problem that a good snooze can't solve, at least temporarily? Especially when it's cold outside and the heavens decided to pour down solely on you and you change into some cosy pajamas, wrap yourself like a burrito in a blanket, get some hot cocoa going, a treat and the icing on the cake, a good movie/series/book. Go on then, the land of Zzzz awaits.

6. Read a good book. There is nothing like getting lost in a world other than your own. One minute you're this stressed, fatigued, college student strutting your stuff in the hallways in this season's get-up, comfy tee and pants, (never gets old) and the next your in Holland with Ann Frank putting even a church mouse to shame at how quiet you are.

7. Listen to some good music. From Soundtracks to full albums, Listening to Alice Smith or even One Direction, yes, despite Zayne's departure, I still wave the Directioner flag high. You will be surprised at what can pick you up as you dance to the best song ever.

8. Talk to a friend. A friend who you can tell the good, the bad and the ugly. A friend who you can laugh at yourself  in front of. A friend who when you put your phone down on or end that Skype session, a positive sigh of relief and an ear to ear smile is left on your face.

9. Drop everything and just breathe. For a while at least.

There you go, go show The Existential Crisis who's boss.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Book Review: The Last Song

Are you curious to know how I spent my New Year's Eve even though we are already past Easter? Well, let me give you a hint. You know how you go on Youtube and you see the Get Ready With Me videos: New Year's Eve Edition or how you go on your Instagram and see #OOTN (Outfit of the Night)? That was nowhere close to my New Year's Eve. My OOTN? Pajamas. Where was I going? To bed. What was I going to do? Did you say party the night away? Wrong. Be a bookworm is more like it.

My Christmas holidays were also spent with this bad mammo jamma. It is worth mentioning though that was not the plan. I previously learnt that the writer, Nicholas Sparks, also had a hand in The Notebook, Dear John, The Lucky One, Nights in Rodanthe all which have been adapted into screenplays. I would like to think that I have grown as a reader and what better way to exploit that growth other than discovering what the hullabaloo was all about with Mr. Sparks, work.

Your probably thinking, you had all these options, why The Last Song. Uhm, hello? Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth need I say more other than I watched the movie a few years back and you now have a curious cat in your hands?

The down low: Ronnie is a rebellious New York teenager being forced to spend the summer before her 18th birthday in the South with her ailing pianist father. Whilst still on her rebellious streak she mingles with the wrong company as she evades all contact with her father. An embarrassing incident has her meeting Will whom to her comes off , as a spoilt preppy Southern boy at first, but that soon changes when a summer love begins to brew between them. Love is not all that is bubbling under this summer, so are secrets that will soon be unveiled.

A good love story always wins my attention, rarely does it steal my heart. The book was not as tear-jerking neither was it as heart wrenching as I expected.I happened to mention earlier that I had watched the movie. It wasn't anything to write home about. I couldn't figure it out, was it the actors, the script. It lacked a certain depth. Then it hit me, surely the movie didn't do the book justice. That was it, wasn't it? My quest to legitimize  the story did not end with meager thoughts, a conclusion was arrived at.

I have said it before and I will say it again; admitting my likes and dislikes is not my thing. The conclusion, the book was not bad neither was it good, it was rather okay, meh, maybe even bleugh. Definitely more meh than bleugh.

The good:
Ronnie was made to sound super real. New Yorker, former piano protege, a master mind at ignoring her parents at all costs, pretend club lover, Starbucks girl. So was her brother who was a typical ten year old. If there's one thing that significantly stood out in this book, the build of the characters.I also liked the spiritual aspect and the emotions brought on by Ronnie's Dad's situation.

The not so good:
Few parts of the book were thrilling. But it just didn't hit the mark on my thrill-o-meter that I am used to; dire devastation, exaggerated summer time happiness. Come to think of it, it may just be a matter of the extreme emotions I have become accustomed to, really.

All in all, it's not a read that is stationed up there in my books. It did fill a space regardless.

So if you are used to adventure, bumpy roads, speed bumps, full-on head-on collisions, road blocks, detours in your books, this just won't do it. It doesn't have that healthy dose. is more like it. But if your more of the smooth ride vibe, with minor hiccups on the side, type of guy or are just looking to pass the time with a relative book, look no further.

Have YOU read The Last Song? What did you think of it? Don't be afraid to comment, I would love to hear from you. Possibly even gain a different perspective.

Happy Reading Y'all!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Where Have I Been?

I find it quite pretentious to start with an apology for my two, maybe even three month hiatus. But that's only because I'm quite certain that I'm not in the Big Leagues. You know the League, the elite club of bloggers that owe YOU an explanation even if they are a minute late with a scheduled post and have a name for their readers; Lovies, Lovelies, Gang; no I am not taking a jab at any blogger(s), but wouldn't that be an original publicity boost 1000%, no?

So, my answer. One word for you, SCHOOL and a dash of laziness. I bet you didn't see that coming, did ya? Just when you saw it all, a tidal wave of the worsts come at you at break neck speeds. Of course a whole lot of other events have since taken over my otherwise dull life, but I think school sums it all up. Besides getting an education, I have been left exhausted, stressed and disoriented from anything non-school related. I think it would be safe to say that it's literally taken the life out of me. I can't help but think that "they" (inventors of school) intended for this to happen all along.

It has been far from easy. The good news, I have learnt a lot, a lot worthy of documentation, the bad news, the learning process has thrown me a few curve balls that have shed a rather unbecoming spotlight on me, the great news, the unbecoming moments will surely make for a stellar biography.

The even greater news, you can look forward to a little bit of everything, from my college series: Surviving College to my personal favorite, Media Monday to the articles responsible for the beginning of this blog, a literal couple of Book Reviews to some random pieces. Cosy up, get a snack or drink, whatever tickles your fancy, turn the lights off (no, it is not the beginning of an Usher hit single.) and become one with the glow from your screen.

Happy Reading Y'all.