Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Surviving College: Get your life

Am I the only one who is in absolute awe at how fast these months are flying by? Here I was thinking that articles would be on the daily. okay, maybe not but what do you know October 2015 is out the window and so is the first week of November.

The beginning of this semester did not have a traditional start to it. With an internship here, an internship there back-to-school shopping done in bits and pieces, my life at least school wise was in shambles. I was hanging by a thread trying to keep it all together , except when you are all over the place that's almost impossible. So in the words of Tamar Braxton it was time for my disorganisation to take several seats. Turns out only the little things in my shambles ridden life needed changing just to get my little old self centered, simply put, I needed to get my... 

Let me switch things up a bit and start from the bottom, what can I say? Drake had a point.

 At the end of a long college day the essence of a night time routine could not be stressed enough. I am no Youtuber so no mood setting candle is featured. From the moment I get home, chores are the name of the game #GrowingUpAfrican; setting the table for dinner, doing the dishes maybe the kitchen floors if it's my turn and setting the table for tomorrows breakfast. It should be noted that I am no saint and sometimes I ditch a chore or two of course not as often as I would like .

Before any of that happens though, I have got to make perhaps the most important pit stop, the fridge and hit myself up with a snack. It could be a glass of yoghurt, yesterday's dinner, a good ol' Blue-Band(margarine) and jam sandwich; anything that's fast and easy to fix varying with my degree of hunger on any given day.

After dinner and doing the dishes it is just about time to hit the sack. So I lay out tomorrow's OOTD other than coming up with something rushed the next morning in the shower and compromising on my philosophical thoughts time which in turn makes me waste a whole lot of time.

A moment of reflection on the day, I usually do a dose of Bible Study. I have to say it is probably what helps the most. I wouldn't say I am all too faithful in terms of doing it every night because you know that sandman, sprinkles  a tad bit more dust than necessary. Just having time to reflect, show some appreciation, vent, address a weakness or two or learn something about God. It couldn't be more soothing. Your Bible, a daily devotional (I suggest odb.org/ or ourdailyjourney.org) , a notebook, time and just the right environment should be your tools of choice.  

I usually intend it to go something like, I say my prayers and I am out like a light that is, if I refrain from taking a peek at the 'gram feed just before bedtime which usually translates to endless scrolling 10 p.m is lights out.

Something else that I find works absolute wonders (isn't it a coinkydink that I am listening to Oh Wonder? ) is a little siesta in the course of the day. Say your afternoon class is cancelled or you just so happen to get home earlier than usual, mark my words, never pass up a chance to get a nap in. I for one know that afterwards my energy levels are not at par with an Energizer Bunny's , regardless, they are higher than usual.

Do not get it twisted, I wouldn't say my life has taken a complete 360, what I would say is that it's well on its way.

Have a good one!