Saturday, 2 May 2015

Surviving College: Studying Through The Semester, Lifehacks

Word up guys and girls!

Two things I am over the moon about; School's out for summer! come on sing along with me, I know you want to, unless of course you are still in  the sea of misery studying for your finals which of course you would be excused...go on, sit in the corner and soak up all the information you can. If it's any consolation, in my neck of the woods school is not closed for summer, the much anticipated break comes around the coldest time of the year around these parts.

The second thing I am excited about and I just can't hide it, well, not really, Floyd Money Mayweather vs. Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao. There is all sorts of trash talk and mind games, what, with Manny during the stare down telling Mayweather "Thank you" and the whole world is just like "For what?" Then, a day or two before, basically throwing shade at Mayweather insinuating that he is nothing compared to De La Hoya. Darn it! I am loving this Pacquiao guy. I can't wait to see the champion of this fight. Yes, I am torn or maybe just afraid to say whose side I am on.

But what brings us here today? Well, the story goes that a stressed student during finals week is a product of poor reading habits? I am here to tell you it is a downright lie. Yup, you read right, a lie. Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, it is not a story, it is a fact.

Having emerged from what could have been an academic tornado, with myself right in the eye of it, the question that kept on ringing in my head was "Why didn't I read this stuff any sooner?" I made a mental note to never be in this situation again, next semester will be a whole different ball game. Please note that this note was once a promise, in fact, the promise before the mental note is the offspring of many other promises identical to this mental note. I hate to break it to you but these promises have all, all been broken. The result of generations of broken promises? Mental notes. I mean you can't go wrong with mental notes, not to mention that the risk of disappointing myself is nearly negligible. Win-win situation anyone?

Don't worry, I am more than aware of what I have said up there being nonsensical. Don't call the psychologist yet.

With all that said, here are a few tips for myself and possible you dear reader, to keep me/us on the straight and narrow academically speaking which will have us smiling all the way on to an academic excellence list.

1. Studying is a gradual process. It is not the insane all-nighter, caffeine taking the place of your blood temporarily, with eyes deer-in-headlights wide, believe it or not, it's one of those practice makes perfect kind of things. The fuel that propels you during day one needs to burn all through to the end of the semester, not just during the first few days or weeks if you are lucky.

2. Use the library immediately after class especially if there is stuff you have been instructed to take duly note of. One lesson I have learned while in university, when the lecturer walks out of class it is not a case of out of sight out of mind, the lesson continues, except it is all on you. Summed up as, You + Library = Relationship goals. That juicy conversation you just have to have or that juicy snack you just can't wait to sink your teeth into can wait just a tad bit longer, unless of course your on the verge of death or embarrassing loud, stomach growling.

3. From the notes taken on my library trip, read and write short notes based on these notes. These personalized notes are probably going to be a lifesaver in the long run saving me from reading a book cover to cover pre-exam day.

4.Read both sets of notes or  all notes you may have taken (if you've got more than two sets, more power to you and go on with your bad self, slaying already!?) a couple of times a week.The more you read, the more familiar and understandable what was once Greek becomes.

5. Get a hold of some past exam questions. This is where you get to showcase your brilliance and of course  get to be familiar with what to expect in your exams plus some of the questions are often repeated, word for word, here is your chance to get a perfect score!

6. Be consistent on all of the above. Change the game and make it easier said and done, in fact, be the worst and make it easier done than said. So maybe I am taking it a bit too far, but you know what I mean.

When finals come around you my friend will be the boss of conceited statements like, "Come at me bro', you know I got it. " because this time you will have got "it".

Have a good one!

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