Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Working Girl Chronicles: What to look for in a part time college job

I promised myself I would post today, correction, yesterday but you know how you go all out , come up with the mother of all to-do lists but you do only a third of what is on there? Currently the situation.

Without further adieu the much awaited, what to look for in a part-time college job!

First thing's first, look for something that is not time consuming. Just because you are looking for work while in college does and should not change your priorities, numero uno, being school. In the words of nearly every African parent, focus on your books. When I was considering my current position in true overthinking fashion, I googled something like, "Should you have a part-time college job" and nearly all the articles gave a major thumbs up for working while in college, but kept the amount of hours to be just above 20 hours a week. That leaves you with time for everything a college student deals with, which, it goes without saying is a lot. Ideally these are the amount of hours you should be working. How often the ideal is met is a whole other ball game especially within the Kenyan context which brings me to my next factor,

Flexible hours. Just because your potential hours are a tad on the higher side isn't a complete no-no. If you can play around with them to meet the expected threshold; coming in earlier other days than some to compensate the days you come in late, working weekends, public holidays etc. More times than not, especially when you are a student, your employer is more than happy to entertain your 'unconventional' means of meeting your working hours, at least mine is.

Not demanding. Again you are a college student first. You do not need to be carrying work home with you, you have the rest of your life to do that! Get something that begins and ends when you are through the door. The service industry is always the ultimate fix i.e waiter, waitress, host, hostess, front office, customer service, call centre assistant, you get the point.

Proximity. Especially in Nairobi, where besides being renowned for being the City in the Sun, our traffic is out of this world, you want to be living, learning and working within close proximity of all your frequented social amenities. On-campus jobs are perfect for this. The ideal, again, is not always the current situation. Proximity though, should not always be the deal breaker. After you have done some serious evaluation of the situation like, how long it would take for you to commute or drive and would it be worth it in the long run, then you make your decision.

Pay. The number one reason you are looking for a job is most probably because you have began putting aside some money to pay off student loans, contributing towards your tuition, your parent(s)'/guardian/sponsor handles tuition and the rest is all up to you or the money you are being given barely covers your 'expensive taste' and 'escapades'. You have heard enough of reppin' the broke game and you are basically purely in for the money. Remember, you need not be too picky. Just remember that experience and gratitude do not pay the bills, so the preferred payment should always be monetary if the pay was the main influence to have you on a job search.

Have a good one! 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Working Girl Chronicles 2: How is work?

There is a vibe of pessimism that seems to be quite apparent in me nowadays. With this piece of information, I feel like I should be on a mission to change things up but until then, let me just say the question above, always, I repeat always rubs me the wrong way.

Don't get me wrong , it's not like every aspect work is unbearable but the influence it has over everything surrounding it, sure makes it feel that way.

A number of people after asking, How are you? are quick to follow it up with the How is work? In the spirit of courtesy, you just cannot bare it all in conversation especially in pleasantries but in writing, I say, rant away. Just read into it as what you would be  getting yourself into if ever you give yourself a head start into the workforce.

Say goodbye to freedom as you know it. Everything that you want to do even before it takes off comes to a screeching halt. You are tethered  between your life and work, literally just revolving around those two points. Got co-curricular activities? Chances are you can't make the meetings. Social events? Enjoying them wholly, forget about it you are either tired from work or your eye is constantly on the time so that you are not late to work.

Constant exhaustion is the name of the game. You got school, work, schoolwork and whatever else you are trying to juggle. The solution is you need more hours of sleep to cope with your hectic lifestyle, long story short it won't happen.

Remember those people  that not even a day would pass without you talking, having a hearty laugh you know the one that has you hollering, plain chill sessions? Remember your friends? If you are not careful , there new status in your life will be nothing but that, a memory. But before you get there, seeing them and I mean really seeing them becomes quite the rarity. Things will change and you will only notice them when its old news and they are already on to the next one.

Necessary things that need to get done laundry, good grooming hair, brows, mani-pedis house chores, the dreaded cleaning your room or just cleaning in general don't get done as fast more like as frequently as you would like. Then slowly but surely, a couple of things start to pile up, again laundry. Can you tell my laundry situation is a bit on the deep end? Need I mention that you are the one who needs to get them done but because sleep trumps routine any day all day, you are in this situation. In the words of DJ Khaled, "Congratulations, you played yourself."

Once you get into the routine of things, you are getting things done fast and efficient. You develop a trait of predictability, which is code for boring. If you are a 20-something like myself, you get a rush out of spontaneity and probably the most fun at it to. Basically the risk of being boring, is high and has been met.

From this post you know I am an over-thinker and with that comes a dash of anxiety. Anxiety over the fear that you are putting way too much into work and forgetting every other aspect of your so-called life.

That being said, again read into this as a raw taste of what is to come if you consider giving this work-study flow a run. There will be other articles following this one talking about the work-study "conundrum". This was just the order I feel should be considered; what you are getting your sorry self into, what to look for in a job and of course the benefits. Basically, more of the bad and ugly first, then the good!

Have a good one!   

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Surviving College: How to Pick An Internship

By now given that I have shoved it in your face a couple of times, when it comes to internships I have my fair share under my belt. That being said, I am pretty sure out of five or six, give or take, only one has been lets just say not what I expected. Of course that is putting it lightly, simply because libel defamation is real so are lawsuits and honey, the can is no place for me. I mean, it was not all bad, after all, it was the inspo behind this post, classic win-win situation, I guess. Now I know what I should be on the look out for next time I jump in both feet first and I figured I'd let you in on it to.

Experience. Well, what do you know? It does not get any more obvious than that. Pick out an internship that offers you legit experience in your field of interest. You have an interest in working the old 9-5, clock-in, clock out flow? Or maybe just develop a work ethic. Go for something with structure and definition, from defined daily work hours to your job description (which is always subject to change) with set out responsibilities. These need to be set up from the get go, be it on the application or from a piece of information received from someone or simply ask. This way you are not groping in the dark or second guessing yourself when you are in too deep. If things are all too vague, do not be afraid to start looking elsewhere, you will thank yourself later.

Compensation. You kinda need to get yourself from point A i.e campus, home or whatnot to B, said internship. Typically a set amount is already put aside if it was indicated on the application. The general figure on the ground is Ksh.300. It's not rocket science, if the amount barely covers your transport needs you may need to reconsider. But if the amount goes the extra mile and even leaves you with a little something for your troubles, you hit the jackpot and that has a go-ahead from me.

P.S. This is not always the deal breaker if you can finance yourself through, go for it!

Remuneration. This is usually the ultimate dream. Mostly because paid internships are few and far between and you know us humans, we want what we can't get. Rough estimate, I have none, but what I do know is more often  than not it's a weekly stipend steering you clear of tax and other statutory deductions. If you swing by one of those, roll up your sleeves and get your grind on because you, homie, you got it real good. How to legitimize if or when you are actually going to get paid is another thing, there are people out there who are just plain savage and incentivize what is not there, so you best be on the look out for that.

If you are looking for an internship just out of trying to keep yourself busy or curiosity or just plain interest the not so structured traditional internship is right up your alley. Typically it involves meeting a couple of times a month mostly geared towards an event of some sort. Or better yet those that allow you to make your own hours. As lucrative as it sounds ensure you are getting tangible  results from it, case in point, recommendation letter or even a certificate. You are likely also to be paid in kind with snacks during meetings, meals during the said event which will run over a couple of days and transport because again these are not the traditional working hours , you may go well beyond 11 p.m and that is just on the earlier side. If there is nothing tangible expressed early enough, you can A) Follow up and/or/then B) make a respectful exit. Simply because, you are investing a whole  lot of your time, money and energy on someone or whole entities that are brutally put, exploiting your labour and precious whole chunks of resources for their own selfish needs. If that doesn't hit home, only experience can teach you.

Not all of these have to feature but may I emphasize on a tangible product for your efforts, this doesn't always have to be monetary, even if there is a special something for the most exemplary intern/volunteer you who may not be as exemplary as the next guy, you still deserve call it what you want validation, recognition or proof that indeed you put in the work. That in mind,

Have a  good one!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Working Girl Chronicles1: Why quitting isn't an option

Isn't it splendid that nearly every series over here always kicks off on the basis of a bad experience. This post should not and cannot be mistaken for a tell-all, neither is it a Debbie Downer. If anything it's the boost of energy that I, we, need every once in a while when you are down in the dumps.

It feels like ages ago what was only last week. There was this huge cloud of dark grey, almost black just hovering over me. Let's talk about office bullying , because that's what happpened. Rather, that is what is happening. I do not want to fall into the cycle of hurt people, hurt people. Do not get me wrong, I am hurt, there is a wide array of words that can describe the very feeling I have but today on a good day heartache and a constant , consistent supply of impending tears. I have allowed my self worth to be determined by other people's opinion of me, which predictably is not much.

The last quarter of this year carried so much hope and aspirations. Most of which I am glad to say I have been meeting. I have read my Bible everyday for the past two weeks just as I said I would in this post, prayed everyday, worked out, gone to the library of course not as much as I would like to but 'Booyah!' I am doing the damn thing.

Surely it's not getting better . Actually to my utter shock it seems like I am getting tougher. Coming from a place of absolute despair and shambles where nothing was a comfort. Not my Bible, not prayer, not pep talks from my dad or being told what I wanted to hear by my mom or my sister. I hope all those who have caused me to visit such a dark place , the darkest yet are giving themselves the much deserved pat on the back because lemme tell ya, y'all deserve it, you really do. It takes irreplaceable time and great efforts to come to a mutual decision to work against someone. Impeccable organizational skills, massive discreteness, numerous informal meetings to follow up on progress. Heck, you guys deserve to see results, there's nothing like seeing the fruits of your labour.

Then I started to appreciate the little things. School...of all things, my friends, in no particular order, Lyn,Leah, Lucia, Lorraine, Nora, Abed and anyone who put a smile on my face or got my mind of things. Yes, even the professor who dictated notes for 3 hours straight.

Bible readings that were a few days ago what I thought pure salty are now beginning to make sense, not all the way though. Of course I am still bitter, Philippians 4:4-9 telling me to rejoice in the Lord always yet I was in the valley of shadow of death or to enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart. Thanksgiving! My faith is not what it used to be, but I remain thankful for periods like these when I am exposed for what I truly am.

So, why isn't quitting an  option? Everything is a lesson, probably a long, hard tough lesson. The longer, harder, more painful and tougher the lesson, the tougher you become. I have got so much to live for;  school, graduation in a little over a year *Lawd*, friends, family, mad talent in me and all around me , humor, dreams and ambitions, experiences, goals. And, these just have to tide me through.

To get by or rather survive, two things, tolerance and indifference. By now I already have caught on that complaints are a waste of time with zilch action in the long run. It is my first job and if this is how things roll I might as well adapt, right. I have no time to reciprocate and play dirty neither do I have time to undermine their beings,I barely have time for myself. This is borderline depression and defeat, but if I don't feel it like I did before, is it really?

Have a good one!


Monday, 19 September 2016

Surviving College: Semester In Review

It's over, the holidays are over! Like all good things, I guess this too must come to an end.

Getting right into it my semester in review. Second year of college. We are past the half way point and boy hasn't it been one heck-uhv-a-ride. Theoretically, I am one of those people who like to live their life with no regrets. Everything happens for a reason right? Coupled with that, I am a self proclaimed over thinker. So, again regrets not so much, but I go heavy on the what-ifs.

First aspect of review, getting right into it like an African parent, academics. My transcript, in an effort to kick start this on a positive note, no fails. You have to be grateful for something, am I right? On the realness end though, I am just above average or average or worst just below average. Average, gives me the  chills. Now this is where, y'all expect me to confess how much of a slacker I have been, au contraire. I truly feel that this school year, I hit the books harder than I did freshman year. Attending all my classes-check, class participation-check (okay,not entirely), frequent library study sessions-I cannot even lie, not as much as they should, lecturer consultation- nil, but in my defense...okay no excuses, study time-check, though, I will say from where I stand it looks like I am studying harder as opposed to smarter.

That awkward moment when you realize the problem is you.

Clearly a couple of things need to change this school year. Library visits and smart study especially. Folks, it's crunch time.

Co-curricular activities. If there is even dash of expectation that you that you think I take part in a sport, I am awfully flattered. A work out alone is a task. Genuinely, a minute ago, I was all about that, "I could really careless" attitude but now that I look at it surely a work out will get the blood rushing, encourage an aspect of discipline, release feel good endorphins and all that good stuff.

White flag is up ladies and gentlemen and at this moment I declare I am on the look out for a good workout routine or better yet, face my fear of running.

Participation in the 15th Annual Kenya Model United Nations was rewarding. Rewarding-used to describe the painful process and the wonderful outcome.. There maybe a blog post in the works with the conference through my eyes, who knows, no really, I do not even know. Either way doing things besides school work, my way of sugar coating I need a break every once in a while is welcome with open bear hug arms.

This brings me to one of my most neglected co-curricular activities. This li'l ole URL over here. My claim for the love of writing is such a joke, more so, the theory that I do not have time is the biggest setback of all time. You heard that here first kids. O f course you didn't but you get the picture. Until I stopped writing, I did not know how much I loved it. A whole new world of Youtube channels, music that I am in absolute love with, working girl chronicles remains unlocked.But that changes now, with the new found will of writing a post a week. Miserable, I know but I realized two would be pushing it. Baby steps, grasshopper, baby steps.

An air of an unintended reading slump. A book a week, more like a book when I can. In the past four months I have read two books, two! A book a week is back with a bang, okay maybe two books a month. Now that's realistic.

Might as well just slide in there a weekly movie night/day plus naps, loads and loads of naps. I seriously feel deprived of down time. Between school and work, a slounge sesh is my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, Kericho Gold flavoured tea are out of this world and movie night and tea, you can't make this stuff up! The price tag is a bit on the higher side, but you know, treat yo' self.

Let me take you to church. On a spiritual level, I mean it is no  wonder my semester as per this blog post was shambles ridden. Do not get me wrong there is an aspect of #Blessed. But, bruh, I do not give God the time of day and it kills me. I will say though that earlier this year I fasted food for the first time ever for Lent and I had absolutely no option but to get closer to Him. Isn't it funny the near "death" experience that comes with letting go of a material object even just for a time? You know the saying show me your friends and I will tell you who you are? Let's just say, God did a little spring cleaning in my life during this time in regards to the people who are constantly in my life. Best part? I only went in looking to strengthen my relationship with God and know Him more and better and He gave me a bonus.

So help me God, the irony, I need to be on that Bible and prayer tip at least everyday this last quarter of the year.

Have a good one!  

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Blankets and Wine: Estelle, Muthoni D.Q, Sage, Jarel

Of heavy, hype weekends and forgotten obligations. Last week three posts were meant to go up but only one made it. Typical.

I figured instead of alluding to what happened this Sunday through a lone vague paragraph why not actually write about it. So, it all starts on Thursday evening and a local t.v show, Victoria's lounge. No lie, I am actually really into it. If I happen to be home on a Thursday night,Vicky's lounge is right up my alley. It's just one of those shows... I guess. I digress, basically all I needed to do, post a picture of myself in my best black and white get up with the hashtag #NiveaBandW on Twitter and I stood a chance of winning a ticket to Blankets and Wine. So to all of y'all who thought  that homegirl has got the funds to get herself to Blankets, the secret's out.

But what made this so special, it was A ticket not the usual pair of tickets. I was expected to be my own company for the  day. The temptation to skip out or give the tickets to my sister who runs a music blog over at The Bar and would have every reason to go was rife but in my heart of hearts I knew I would regret it. So there I was, sunnies on, leather jacket and Maasai shuka in tow ready to have a good time on my free ticket if it was the last thing I would do.

My self consciousness levels were sky high since I was absolutely terrified of being seen by someone I know looking like a complete loser in one of Nairobi's most bumpin' events. Make no mistake, it did happen, but this loser thing, it is all a state of mind.

There I am walking the vast expanse of Ngong' Race Course waterfront, vast may be an understatement, looking for just the right spot. Everyone in their social circles and I see another 'loner' or,should I say brave soul , Rehema. Just like that, literally going light on the details, we became each others company. So, humanity isn't as cold as I presumed.

First artiste on the line up, Jarel. I did not hear of him till not too long ago. I would absolutely love to write nothing but the finest of things about his performance, here comes the but...but through Blankets' past it's common knowledge if you are the first act we aren't exactly expecting you to be the showstopper. I mean, not every opening act. I will say though, he got on that stage and had himself one hell-uhv-a-time; twerking, asking the crowd to get just a li'l ratchet and I have got to give him points for his style, not many a soul can pull of that long shirt, wide rimmed hat look.

Let's talk about Sage. She is someone who simply put belongs on the stage. Came out with big hair, bowler hat, kanga in the front denim in the  back and shorts and she just owned her set. Setting the pace with Maskini which is a personal favourite. If she only sang it would be good but honey, she went all out; on the keyboard, bass guitar, vocals and Working.That. Stage. A  lot can (and will) be said about  her own performed compositions, but the covers she did. There are only two ways about covers, thumbs up or thumbs down. No in between. So when Ms. Chemutai started on that Work(Rihanna ft. Drake) tip, I was in awe at the  stellar execution.

Sage did this one song about a girl in the little blue dress, the name escapes me. Live band goes quiet and its just her vocals, a sick red bass guitar and just this aura of still. It is also worth a mention that Olive from Blaze , the drummer,the one who makes you wait 5 seconds longer to get to your Youtube fix was on drums and fam, she got skills, mad skills.

The show stopper herself , the queen. To describe her performance, I feel like I would need the whole post. She brought everything plus the kitchen sink. From the moves, to some bars, her outfit , a bit of new material from her album which is in the works, the old which had the crowd adequately riled up, served up visuals in her backdrop which had mark my words the self portrait of the year, church windows, some sort of silent movie montage, lyrics and that's not all, then came the drum solo.

Here I was thinking Olive was money, don't get me wrong, she is, but her performance was mega upstaged. I am under the impression that Muthoni DQ calculated her performance to a T especially when it came to this solo. It was dark enough to have a spotlight emphasize her already massive presence on stage and she just went at this traditional drums with the ferocity of Uganda's Ndere Dance Troupe but the class of Sheila E. at Black Girls Rock 2015. They don't call her the Drummer Queen for nothing.

All this was coming from a lady who just a few hours was doing the Blankets and Wine rounds in a flower crown and a wishy, woshy shift dress looking like she didn't have a care in the world. Let the records show that concurrently B'n'W Kampala was happening ; she had two international acts on her hands and still slayed. Where I would be a bag of nerves, she's ultimate goals.

Resident DJ for the  afternoon was hitting us up in all the right places. He had a Kendrick Lamar set with just a side of Jay Z, a set for the girls;Yoga(Janelle Monae), Formation(Beyonce) and one for the fellas; We Dem Boyz (Wiz Khalifa), Panda (Desiigner). Short, sweet and worth a mention, no?

She sure came to show the 254 love, Miss Estelle. On the real though, I was not exactly dying to see her so I didn't stay for her whole performance. I do know that we moved her to tears when we sang along to 'Come over'. Mad props should be given to her for performing  covers; Bob Marley-Is this love,Oliver Twist-D'Banj as opposed to a whole bunch of new singles which, well would have the crowd least stimulated. Future international acts,borrow a leaf, unless well, we really love you, you wouldn't have to worry about that.

Sigh, nothing like an afternoon spent on wholesome festival vibes.

This may be the longest post to date, but hey, I don't make the rules, my thoughts and memories do.

Have a good one!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Surviving College: How to find an internship/job over school break in Kenya

There comes a time in a student's life where you have to get out there and do stuff. Career stuff or just work related stuff to gain this thing called experience, prevent death by boredom or any other relevant reason you can think of. I have been at this crossroads enough to know some tricks of the trade. Every time I get asked by a peer or two how I got the gig, I tend to give a rather vague answer that goes something like, "Oh, you know, I just applied" and that just has to come to a stop,

Let's go back all the way back, I am talking my teens, eighteen, nineteen thereabouts. My freshman college days in Strathmore. Now, I am certainly not being paid to say this but Strath definitely has got the keys. Nearly every week there was a campus corporate event of some sort; career fairs, round tables, hack-a-thons. These shindigz almost always had the right people you needed to make the first impression of a lifetime to guarantee a job position of some sort.

Back then those were my selfish years. Honestly speaking, I had better things to do on a Friday afternoon (or so I thought) than attend these career jolting things. They were geared towards seniors any way who brought their A, for aggressive, game. Follow up meetings or word on the street the week after would be that someone scored an internship at some major company just by how much they put themselves out there. I hope you get where I am going with this. Basically, the world (your campus) is your oyster if you position yourself in the right place at the right time (said events) and actually put yourself out there; read up on the company or individuals just like you would if you were preparing for an interview so that you conveniently have some thoughtful insight to whatever is the topic of discussion.

Still around the same time I was an AIESEC-er which by the by has similar of the above said events, actually hosting quite a number even liaising with some really big names in the Kenyan corporate scene. That being besides the point, my VP for my portfolio at the time, Global Internship Program(GIP), worked for his dad. Hey Dwayne! To the human eye, you would probably go on and think classic silver spoon in mouth situation, probably didn't have to work quite as hard. On the flip side though, he used his connections. So who cares that you "didn't have to work quite as hard" my say, connections are meant to be used. Even my first internship was courtesy of my D-A-D. How is that for food for thought.

What I swear by though and has worked brilliantly for me in the past at least is online job adverts. Brighter Monday might as well make me their brand ambassador because I have got all but one of my internships from there; Storymoja, Tahoe Solar and now my current spot. During my cyber tarmacking days, I would type in something like "Internships in Kenya in July 2015" or "part-time jobs in Kenya in July 2015" and most times something that I was qualified for would pop up. Plain and simple, your search engine is your best friend. Finding it is just the the tip of the iceberg bookmark it because you know, life happens and apply...immediately before you get that pesky notification when you go back to submit your application, "This position is no longer available". It also helps to be on various job sites mailing list so that you are the first to cop that position.

You may want to go old school and drop your CV at offices physical address. Does this work? I have no idea but it's worth a shot . There is always a new building popping up in Nairobi nowadays, heck even whole business parks. If it is a new business they are almost always looking for an extra pair of hands. My advice always fake that you are office hunting or have an appointment because security isn't exactly very cordial towards job seekers. Hey, in this concrete jungle you have got to be shrewed.

On the new school front, more and more jobs are being advertised on your timeline at least on my Instagram feed. Diana Opoti @dianaopotipr advertised for twenty something African designers not too long ago, Kenya's favorite t.v duo Brenda Wairimu @brendawairimu_and Nick Mutuma @nickmutuma called for scripts a few months back for Kenya's first rom-com, Kiko Romeo @annmccreath @iona_mccreath (who by the way has a clothing line under her mom's label Kikoti and modelled for Kiko Romeo,now what did I say about connections again?) just last week set out an ad looking for models@lublaq looking for interns. Class up your social media, this falls under always having an ear to the ground.

That said,

Have a good one!  

Friday, 1 July 2016

THE ROOKIE- Shortlisted for Inaugural Campus Diary Wordfest

Hey guys,

An awkward greeting never hurt nobody. On to other things, as I oh, so,subtly put it in this post, I managed to be top 10 in a writing competition. This  is the "winning" piece.

Image: Rookie Magazine Logo (s/o to Tavi Gevinson who has always been goals!)


By Edwina Mapenzi

It seems like,

It almost seems like,

I got it twisted,


That’s all I wanted,

To be that girl on your feed,

The one who plants that seed,

Of want, no, of lust,

Of the “finer” things in life,

With that high pony puff,

And all that good stuff;

Edges sleek,

Eyebrows on fleek,

On the lips nothing but Nouba,

Don’t forget that winged eyeliner,

Endless trips to Java,

You already know

Because that lemonade

Be, Lit.

It wouldn’t be easy.

My time, my soul

Feels like a vice,

This huge hole,

Don’t get me wrong,

For a minute,

I was in it,

I mean, all in,

On a scale,

Everything was great,

Out of ten an eight.


Just with a drop of a hat,

More of a heart,

It all starts,

A shove in the corner here,

And a blind eye turned there,

At first I took it in stride,

Taking tolerance for the ride,


I couldn’t take it.

‘It must be me,’

I thought,
Surely, it must be

What else?

Who else?

But the rookie.


Never easy,

But this hard?


This endless

Back and forth,

Highs and lows,

Mostly lows,

New definition lows?

High definition lows.

At this point,

Auto pilot mode, activate.

Rolling with the times,

Of course,

Not so good times,


I’m up against the wall.

Down? Yes,

Out? Not even close.

I am better,

I am hurt,

And, now, I am a doormat.

Not anymore,

At least not any longer.

YOU don’t understand,

There, I’ve been,

That, I’ve done,

The circle of life.

But now I’m older,

Wiser, I think, I hope,

I pray.

It’s still in the works,

But my starting point

for today,

In the words of Queen Bey,

I will SLAY.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I figured I owe it to myself at least my future self an explanation of my whereabouts over the last what? six, seven months. That may sound a tad bit narcissistic but, aye my memory may fail in the near future and the period between December 2015 and most of June 2016 will be just one big gap. This is beginning to sound like a subtle horror movie.

Side note, the sun has come out of hiding babies or rather toddlers are out with their nannies getting some good old vitamin D, house-helps are out spilling the tea on God knows what and I have managed to score quite the vantage point to people watch.  All these equals, good vibes central and I am digging it all the way.

Getting straight to the point, home-girl here is now a part of the working class. Yes folks I am a working woman now. The whole nine-to-five, suit and tie and everything else that comes with it. It is tweaked quite a bit though, for instance, it is not your typical nine to five neither is it suit and tie but its still a job and I gotta say six months in , I love...wait for it...the pay cheque that comes with it. Might as well throw in the experience since, well, you know society. And of course who can forget the tonnes of lessons which I am learning along the way.

Given that I have been vague enough, I work front desk at a fairly new fitness studio. Coincidentally this was the job description I dreamed of all those years I watched college based series. Guess you can say I am "leaving the dream" so to speak.

The one thing they never showed on these T.V shows, the reality behind a working student. That or I never paid attention. I have had to say goodbye to weekends as I know them and free time in general. On the plus side I do realize the value of a minute and I can now afford to splurge on a "must have" here and there although I do so consciously. What can I say, mo' money, mo' problems.

My policy last year, if you are not happy about something, do something about it. In my case I could not have been more tired of always being short moneywise and being idle all holiday long so, I did something about it. Application after  application, two internships and one interview later, flash forward a couple of months down the  line and I am here. How is life on the other side you ask? I will take a fairly good amount of financial liberation any day.

Let me put it out there that I am still doing me. School, co-curricular activities; Kenya M.U.N, heck I even managed to be top ten in a writing competition. Isn't every opportunity great for some shameless self promotion (which I will post soon).

You know how there is a Surviving College series, I have been toying around with the idea of having a Millenial Working girl series. The big question is can I stay committed to this blog or am I going to pull another disappearing act on this URL again? I live for calculated risks, well not really but this, I think I got this.

Have a good one!   

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Surviving College: Legal Attachment

It is super surreal that I have been on holiday for a whopping five weeks already. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was super unprepared for my Equity and Trusts final? Confessions of a college student, why don't you?

Well, I am on some genuine feel good hormones right about now so I figured why not ride on them to fuel me through writing this article.

I might as well just put it out there that I am not quite done with my legal attachment just yet. This is just a reminder that possibly, the worst is yet to come.

So, I was attached to Kibera Law Courts. The actual reception we had was now that I think about it rather warm. Security gave us a  point in a vague direction but it is not the what they told us, it's more of how they told us, you dig? It makes all the difference.

On the real though they did not expect us. You would think that with my email inbox blowing up with subject UPDATED CLINICAL ATTACHMENT LIST every two seconds the HR department surely must have gotten at least a peek, but no in the words of the executive officer and I quote "... this is like a bad joke...". Although it may seem like I am throwing a baobab tree's worth of shade, in retrospect, the blame could maybe even should be thrown to say, I don't know my faculty. What would you do if you saw a good 33 souls showing up at your doorstep without so much as a heads up?

In true ambushed fashion they basically just told us to find something to do between the courts and  the registry more emphasis on the registry. Knowing me, I like to jump in both feet first so the  registry sounded like the ultimate challenge. When I look back on it, I clearly went into this expecting a whole  lot mostly in terms of hospitality; the whole shabang a warm smile, couple of handshakes, formal intros, it happened alright just not at the  expected time. Not to say that the cold shoulder was the order of the day but it was one of those, "Toto, I've a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore,"  vibes.

They started warming up to us after two hours, give or take, and I have to say the work was hella basic and in this case, that was a good thing. Filling in files  receiving  files not rocket science at all.There was an attempt to organize us later in the day , break us down into smaller groups which for the most part worked.

The highlight of the first week? There was a cheeky little public holiday and it could not have come at a better time, nuff said: I am a basic lazy bum.

On the fourth day we got to meet our magistrate. I have no recollection of my sentiments at the time but she turned out to be lit. Now, she, she understands hospitality. Warm smile-check, intro-check and a couple of ground rules...see, easy, peasy and not even sleazy.

Most importantly, the legal proceedings. The first time in court gets real old real quick but I will say the first few minutes that fish fresh out of water feel, super real. Then you get the swing of things, basic procedure being mentions a whole lot of them, a couple of hearings and on Monday's there's a side of drunk and disorderly petty cases. Cases that are worth your entertainment? Sexual offences and assault. To sum it up a fire prosecution witness is all you need to keep you attentive. But be warned, when the lawyers get to asking the tough questions, a never ending cycle of answers mostly which are repetitive begins.

Flash forward to week two. I only had to go two out of five times, apparently my magistrate had a retreat and French leave was in order. Didn't  I tell you she was lit? Of course not squarely because of this but excuse me while I slide that in there as a contributing factor.

Before I go ahead and write a memoir out of a four week internship, I'll see you on the other side with part two. But with such a strong start, could anything possibly go wrong?

Have a good one!