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Book Review: Rebel Belle

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I trust that you've had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend which is just around the corner. Where does the time go, huh? Anyway this book review was supposed to be up yesterday but after Nairobi turned from being the city in the sun to the city in cool waters, more like the city below cool waters, the electricity went under to. That out of the way, let's get to it.

This one was so good, to good in fact and the worst part is when I started this skeptical was written all over my face. You should have seen me pouting when I started reading it. Before I get carried away, as if I already haven't, the beginning.

Nearly every book tuber was mentioning Rachel Hawkin's, Rebel Belle either in their To Be Read pile or Monthly Wrap ups. Quite frankly seeing this pink piece of literature being waved in front of me every now and again may have been some mind control of some sort. If ever a publisher had a doubt in their mind over the power of marketing through "The Youtube" well let me be of assistance here, guess what? It works.

The basics: Harper Price is the classic Southern Belle with a to die for jock boyfriend. This high school sophomore also is a member of the cheerleading team, class president, Queen Bee amongst her friends complete with a second in command who also doubles up as her best friend, Bee and the cherry on top, potential valadictorian of her class. The world is her oyster and there's nothing anyone can do about it. A questionable incident leaves her with magical powers sending her perfect world into complete disarray having been imposed on the duty of protecting her arch nemesis David Stark.

So I would be lying if I didn't say that this book didn't come off as weird. Magic powers? In high school? What is this a Harry Potter spin off purely based on Hermione? The option of putting it down sure did cross my mind yet I still kept turning the pages. If I didn't know any better these magical powers may have been used to cast a spell on me. Rachel Hawkins, what do you have to say for yourself?

My speculation of being spellbound does not change the fact that the writing is really good. Not Shakespearean or Dickens good, relatably good, natural-flow good, continuously captivating to say the least. The moment I saw the familiar "basic" terms, Starbucks and lip-gloss that goes by the name "Coral Shimmer" , I knew I could go with the flow.

The characters are rather familiar almost as if you are the new kid in town and in no time you have nick names for everyone. That's how close you become to them, especially Harper. She became Harp, completely rubbing off on me. Her friends were mine and her enemies-David- were hated with a passion. Yes, I became a member of her posse, longing to be as prim and proper as her. In fact, wanting to be her.

You know it's Young Adult when it has just about the right amount of young love and Rebel Belle did not evade the stereotype. It did not take the usual undying love route, it was not the Eleanor and Park or Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark or Four and Tris we are used to. This one was subtly unsettling, keeping me hooked, hook,line and sinker. Harper and Ryan, Ryan who reminded me of Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries, Ryan whose got that James Dean day dream look in his eye and never goes out of style. I have to constantly remind myself that he is a fictional character. Their relationship is on the rocks from the get-go. Hawkins does a great job of saving us all the rainbows and harps before it all comes tumbling or should I say in their case cascading down. Disintegrate is more like it. 

Then, before our very eyes Harper and David-her arch enemy since their kindergarten years- become "a thing". The whole world knows it and sees it except Harp. But who can blame her its made to look like David goes from being a Will Darbyshire to a Marcus Butler, not that there's anything wrong with Will Darbyshire to begin with.

Through Rebel Belle you will inroduced to some pretty weird terms; Paladins, Oracles etc. It's the true world of fantasy right here. It gets pretty bad ass to, with fight scenes where heels turn into murder weapons and everyone is a suspect even those in Lilly Pulitzer.

I liked nearly everything about it. From how relatable and current it is to how distant it becomes. Keeping up between the two worlds is quite invigorating.

The only disappointing thing about this book was how little I got to know about Harper's sister. I kept hoping and hoping and then the book ended and I was still hoping. My only consolation is the sequel that will *fingers crossed* address this.

Parting shot. The way this book will end... let's just say no one is spared the drama and there is loads of it. You will be left at the edge of your seat eagerly awaiting the sequel, "Miss Mayhem".

Have a good one!

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