Monday, 4 May 2015

Media Monday: Rachel Cobb, Ta-Ku Songs To Break Up To

And it's Monday, but not just any Monday, Media Monday. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Well, neither can I but let's change that up, shall we?

First things first, Fight Night happened. Mayweather did his thing, Manny thought he won and I learnt a whole lot about boxing. It feels good to be a part of history. I wonder, is this how it felt in '74 during the Rumble in the Jungle? Was there that much hype? Oh well, for now I can only be grateful for being in the moment that has since been dubbed "One of the greatest economic events of all time," because one day, when I am old and frail, yet still swagged up, my grand kids will probably ask me to tell them about the time Mayweather beat Pac-man and I will effortlessly tell the story, gory details and all. They will look at me bug-eyed and think, "Dang! She's old" and "I wish I was there to see it". I said it before and I will say it again, it feels good to be a part of history.

The betrayal I felt when I saw Mayweather and Pacquiao hug after the fight had me giving them the stanky eye. Here I was thinking they were sworn enemies. I guess that's what you call good sportsmanship, ey?

This week, to your cart of Youtube indulgences I would like you to add one Rachel Cobb. I stumbled upon this channel on a late weekend night. At the time this chilled out curly haired girl had only one video up, another thrift haul, at least that's what I thought. Her style is '90s and I know what you are probably thinking, isn't everybody's? Well let me assure you for her, this trend is not a trend, to her it's a style, her style, effortlessly put together. I am telling you this girl knows her thrift-finds, the moment she started dropping names like Joey Bada$$, I knew we had a winner. It's not all about style for Rachel, she has monthly inspirations that steer you in the right direction; musically, book-wise and even towards other Youtube channels that have you briefly forgetting about her channel, except you wouldn't dare to as you eagerly await the next batch of monthly inspo.

This channel does it for me. It's chill, it's mellow, it's minimalistic, it's cool, it's informative. Don't believe me? Go ahead, check it out. The channel of the moment awaits.

Remember how I said Rachel's inspirations steer you in the right direction? Well that was not just some lame complement being paid. Her inspirations are as legit as they come so much so that she introduced me to Toro Y Moi who in turn steered me to what would you be your musical dose of the moment Ta-Ku Songs To Break Up To.

To be completely honest with you, it's the album art that reeled me in. This should be a lesson to all Youtubers, fun thumbnails = more views, as if they already didn't know. So, this album is quite something. Not at all what I am used to but it is a mix of dark, chills and chilled music (a little word play for you there). A combination of both instrumentals and vocalists who are a mash-up of Lykke Li, Jhene Aiko and Tove Lo and any other voice you can think of which seems to float over the tune, almost as if it's a chant of some sort.

This one is for the times you just need a break with your feet up and a cool drink by your side in a Lamu type climate watching the waves come and go as the breeze swings you in your hammock ever so gently or for those assignments that have you working well into the night or because of how warm and subtle the album is, not reading a book while listening to this would almost be abuse. Maybe even have it play in one of those homy and cosy coffee shops.

Why don't you do yourself a favor and the next time you just want to chill, have this therapeutic piece playing in the background. You're welcome!

Have a good one!

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