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Book Review: Where She Went

People, people,people,relax. I am here. What do you say we get to it then?

Remember how I gushed about all things If I stay here and could not wait to read Where She Went? Well all that has changed. Of course for the better, let's call it a bitter sweet type of situation. Why,why did it have to end? *hysterical cry*Well, you know what they say about all good things.

My verdict on Where She Went awaits.

The sequel of If I Stay picks up three years after the accident. It's not the Mia show anymore but fear not, Adam tells all. Adam's band has catapulted into fame, winning nearly every musical accolade out there not forgetting their fair share of drama that is threatening to tear these guys apart. Adam himself, well he is the new kid on the block and Hollywood just can't get enough of him. Let's just say his not the romantic, small town Oregon boy he once was. Mia on the other hand is making it big in the classical world with an early graduation and world tour dates set, she is a big deal. Their paths cross three and a half years later forcing them to confront the gap that was.

The book starts of with a guy who looks like Adam, sounds like Adam but is not the Adam we all knew. You cannot help but ask yourself, "Who is this guy and what has he done with Adam?" No time is wasted giving you drama in that teasing dose.

Adam is all over the place emotionally and it gets pretty dark. You get to see him in a whole different spectrum, to be precise lonesome, depressed, embarrassingly needy chap which in the beginning is humiliatind then it is just downright sad, finally escalating into the emotional wreck that is his current being. But the real Adam is still in there somewhere fortunately.

They are a lot of things you don't see coming making the book quite a thrill. Even though the three year gap changed both of them, there are still some things that manage to stay the same; their good old fashioned awkwardness. Groovy and the Geek still reign.

Getting the answers we are all looking for, the whole process is sheer torture. On the one hand they are still tiptoeing around each other as if they are afraid of awakening the dead. Each others moves could be wrong so they are very calculated. On the other hand "Wilde Man"over here has a case of cat got your tongue.

It gets pretty intense you nearly forget that all this is happening within a day or should I say a matter of hours. There's bowling, talking more like shouting at the Statue of Liberty, a lot of crying from unexpected parties, some scenes reminiscent of telenovelas, you know the ones, wind in hair, tears flowing, drama the whole get-up. But even with the intensity some of their conversations are so easy its like the drama between them never happened.

I should warn you, the way you are led into following this story its almost like you are frantically digging for a treasure of some sort and when you are just about to throw it in, it all comes rushing out as if the right button had just been pushed. And within it all, there is everything. Things left hanging dangling in mid air that have you on the verge of sharing Adam's meds with with your frustration levels getting the best of you. The only way to vent? Turning the page.

The vivid description is also top notch to the point where Adam brings you on stage to have a taste of the rockstar life that is now his. You hear all the distractions and listen for the voice in the crowd.

Their is a lot I loved about this book; there was a lot of throwing it back to the the times before the accident and immediately after the accident, Kim is back and she is one bad mammo jamma of course in a good way, Adam's few spurts of sweetness, Nia becoming this outspoken, connected badass babe and of course it answers a whole lot but my undying love goes to the chemistry between these two, they cause such a reaction I do not want to ruin it all for you.

There are a number of racy, steamy, raunchy parts in here but  in Stephen King's words, "one must not come lightly to the blank page."

If you read If I Stay reading this book is a requirement and if you haven't it is about time you get with the program.

Have a good one!

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