Monday, 6 July 2015

Media Monday: Her Campus Blogger Network (HCBN), Leon Bridges

'Sup guys!

I am on a high that would give a toddler's sugar rush a run for its money. let me give you a feel of it right now. The weekend that was had me attending the first of hopefully many Storymoja Festival intern meetings. Which was fun, F-U-N; meeting literature enthusiasts and book addicts. I think I finally found my kind. The whole experience will probably be on the Surviving College series, do not fret, you will hear all about it.

A couple of other cool things have also happened, but by far the one that takes it all, "I AM A MEMBER OF THE HER CAMPUS BLOGGER NETWORK!". The news was supposed to break subtly, lady like almost but I guess blurting it out will just have to do.

This comes one year and one month (tomorrow) after starting literallylovely. The whole blogging thing has been an interesting affair; from trying to be an imitation of my writing role model Jackson Biko, a poor one if I may, to allowing my misfortunes to be my muse hence Surviving College, dubbing myself a book reviewer on account of the handful of books I have read and wearing my media heart on my sleeve letting the world know that I may have a slight Youtube problem,  quite the taste in music and I am well on my way to being a movie buff.

HCBN could not have come at a better time. I have been looking for a blogging network as the possible next step to up this blog's game and HCBN was God sent, no question about it. I have Toyosi Oyelola over at Standard T to thank for hanging the HCBN badge ever so boldly on her page. Let me admit that I am a ghost fan of Standard-T but I think it is about time I made my presence felt and leave a comment or two over there.

One of my greatest fears usually is the future. Of course I have never said it out loud lest people think I am some sort of basket case afraid of tomorrow. Well, I can positively say that blogging has changed fear to an adrenaline rush I cannot wait to experience with HCBN being an element within it all.

To a couple of years more as the HCBN badge goes up tomorrow!

That is as far as I can go shouting myself out. A little shameless self promotion never hurt nobody.

Well it is a Media Monday so why not give you what you came here for? Just a dash of it this time. Ladies and gentlemen, Leon Bridges. Not indie, not pop, I am just a bag of surprises for you today aren't I?

Soul, 60's soul. I discovered him on a Vevo playlist, Newest Tracks of the Week. Vevo had made a big mistake, so I thought, it was either that or I was on a whole different playlist than I thought. This guy had me thinking I was listening to some forgotten smooth sixties cat. With everything on lock; the whole 60s look, wardrobe, haircut, sound, his music videos, the slang, the rhythm. Listening to's just soulful.

Better Man which was the hook that reeled me in in the first place teleported me to 1960s New Orleans with hot comb sleek hair up in a pony tail with a  natural bounce to it, in a full a-line number with some white gloves on not having any of Leon's "Better Man" jibber jabber. Coming Home which put him on the scene felt like it was playing from a gramophone; smooth, soothing, simpler times and there is not even a hint of exaggeration here. Smooth Sailin', It's about time I got on down with my bad self. Long story short, his album just dropped and it is just the perfect mix. Leon Bridges is literally lovely. That's the stamp of approval right there.

P.s If you squint doesn't he look like the guy who played Little Richard in the biopic?

Have a good one!


  1. SO glad that you joined Her Campus!!!

    1. Thank you! You deserve most of the credit!