Saturday, 25 July 2015

Powering Kenya

Photo by: Mutua Matheka 

City in the sun by day but in the light by night , defines Nairobi. Walking in Nairobi’s Central Business District during the day can be daunting especially if you do not know it like the back of your hand. It has been known to give worldwide capitals a run for their money. Didn’t Julius Nyerere compare it to London way back when? With Vision 2030 around the corner, Nairobi aims to be a 24-hour economy by being the city that never sleeps and powered by Kenya Power we are bound to get there.

Already, breakthroughs have been made in terms of lighting this already enlightened nation. Whole industries have been given a much needed boost.  Take the world of photography for instance. Everybody wants a bird’s eye view of the city; the quest does not go unsatisfied with nearly every photography enthusiast and professional alike setting up camp on Nairobi’s skyscrapers, just to get that perfect shot of the light illuminating the streets. On your feed, appreciating the talent and hard work of the Mutua Mathekas and Tintsehs who manage to capture Nairobi’s best side is necessary but acknowledging that Kenya Power is at the forefront of such progress is paramount.

The entertainment industry ought to pay homage to Kenya Power. Just as the Kenyan people are known to work hard, they also play hard. A weekend without a highly anticipated event is nearly unheard of. Behind the microphones, the music sets and lit stages, at the heart beat of it all is the electricity. When artistes release their albums- Juliani’s Pulpit Kwa Street- they cordoned off whole lit streets, if they felt the need to give back to their fans, Kenya’s internationally acclaimed act, Just A Band held free concerts in these very streets and when there is a need to remind us of how  far we have come as a nation, exhibitions; Kenya Burning by Boniface Mwangi serve as a perfect memo.

There is no denying that Kenya Power has gone big, but it has not forgotten about the grassroots. Small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures both in urban and rural centers are at the frontlines of being Kenya Power’s biggest beneficiaries. Radios blasting tunes and television sets with the latest on the Kenyan scene keep small business owners company. Tailors work tirelessly on a ladies Kitenge fabric set to be the show stopper at the next wedding they attend. Juakali artisan apprentices work even harder in the hopes of opening their own workshop one day. Dreams and ambitions of progression remain valid due to Kenya’s number one power provider’s consistency.

Its impact  continues whether it be in the number of business incubations cropping up especially in the Information Technology sector or how it directly affects you tirelessly  look for an outlet to charge your gadget. The next time you flip the switch or even crank up the volume on your T.V. set appreciate that Kenya Power continues to power Kenya while empowering the nation.

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