Monday, 27 July 2015

Media Monday: BET Awards 2015, No Cameras Allowed

Monday people.

You know I got you. For some reason the weekend has left me with some prep in my step. What can I say, POTUS in Kenya the craze was infectious. Media Monday was going to be packed but you know what they say about to much of a good thing.

BET Awards 2015 happened a century ago, well if you are not much for exaggeration it happened a month ago. I watched it a week later after it aired, you know me, Little Miss Punctual. There was such a hype around it, a week later it was still buzzing.

Opening act, Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick and I go way, way back. My last year of high school, 2012; Swimming Pools (Drunk), all white ensemble, artsy video. Just like that he gained a fan. Next thing you know every time his song came on it was necessary to spit his rhymes. I was super stoked to see him as the opening act on that cop car swaying to that Alright beat. Dancers were on the stage, in the crowd and Kendrick was working that stage. Just when you thought it does not get any better, Jidenna and his classy self.

Empire star Chaz with Drip Drop. Enough said. At this point you are probably thinking okay, they have outdone themselves then Boom! a Janet Jackson tribute. You should know that in 2002 there was a similar performance by P!NK, yes, Usher and Mya who just like you, I wonder what face of the earth she disappeared to. Which was better? Maybe the right question is can you put Jason DeRulo, Tinashe and Ciara up against their predecessors? You be the judge. All I will say, Ciara + Rhythm Nation, at ease soldier.

On to the movie front, No Cameras Allowed by Marcus Haney. Main stream movies and myself...not so much, so when the indie bug gets me, it gets me good. There's only one thing to do in that case, visit international film festival sites. The perp' this time was Toronto International Film Festival (tiff), Next Wave. 
Some movies clicked others well, meh. But No Cameras Allowed? When you see a trailer that begins with "In some way I'm a thief..."with close-ups of Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mumford and Sons, Skrillex, Martin Garrix, Tiesto etc. Good grief! That is a game changer.

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Who sneaks into Coachella, Bonnarroo a bunch of EDC concerts, the Grammys, manages to get all access passes(the unconventional type), sneaks 16 of his friends into one of these festivals and that is just the beginning? The one, the only Marcus Hanley. You thought you knew bad. Maybe you even thought you were bad. Marcus is the epitome, the very definition of Michael Jackson Bad.

Being tight for Coachella cash and gas coupled with strong like for a girl who was going to be at the weekend festival, now his girlfriend basically set of his career. The documentary kicks off with a narration from Marcus and his friend on how it all went down. You know how there is always that one person who tells a story so well you think you were there? These guys are them.

His strong will power is simply insane. It's either that or the odds are ever in his favor. Without a press pass he was backstage when Jay-Z performed Empire State of Mind, one of his favorite artistes during his performance turns and sings into his camera.Imagine Hozier as the artiste, I as Marcus. Marcus would probably hold his own I on the other hand I would probably sublime.

The way he tells his story, scenes reminiscent of Ocean's 13 come to mind; how they all meet at one spot after sneaking in, emerging from the crowd, one by one. I feel like I am spoiling it for you. All you need to know is that his pictures are in Rolling Stone, he could possibly pass as a member of Mumford and Sons but most importantly getting to the top is  not always a smooth ride. He has set the level, can you get on it?

Have a good one!

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