Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Media Monday: Becky G, Vi är bäst!

Monday sh-Monday. I managed to disappoint myself yet again, but I. Will. Not. Back. Down. Now the problem is, I have been all over the place and as far as being into stuff...I haven't. Well, to be completely honest, Becky G has been on repeat on my early morning playlist. What? Like you do not find her hit single, at least in my world, Lovin' So Hard cute. If Austin Mahone was not her bae, I would probably be that fan girl leaving 'ship names on their respective Youtube channels. Yes, I am an Austin Mahone closet fan. So maybe I just know the one catchy song featuring Pitbull, sue me. They are still epically cute together.

E! News is purely responsible for my Becky G obsession. A snippet of Becky from The Block played at the end of one of their broadcasts. I couldn't help but think, "Oh great, another Justin Bieber, complete with her own Usher," in Becky's case, Jeniffer Lopez. A Youtube playlist later and I was all, "She a'ight". That translates to, girl sure got mad, mad skills. And her look, the whole front tooth gap thing, massive selling point.

I forgot about her for a minute then she sprang up with Shower. Again I was sold, sold and sold. Well not at first. It was pretty pop-y and springy, not the cup of tea I would like to admit is my liking. In no time, I knew the lyrics by heart and was buffing the living room glass cabinets to the rhythm.

Hands down, Can't Stop Dancing takes the cup. Simply put, I just cannot stop dancing or singing along to this sick tune.In the words of Rebecca Gomez herself, "Latinas stand up!" say it with the accent, sounds one hundred times better.

 Well there you go a little music for you there, didn't think I had it in me.

Mov-aaay time! Vi är bäst (We are the best). Let's take a minute to appreciate that I knew what the title meant from the little one and a half year stint I had with the German language even though it is Swedish. I have never liked the term "Coming of Age" as a genre but I am waving the white flag on this classification especially for this indie movie.

Based in 1980s Sweden, two thirteen year olds are eager to bring back punk. Meet best friends Bobo and Karla. Bobo an only child who seems to be keeping it together for both herself and her mom. Klara on the other hand comes from one close knit family who she thinks is lame, no surprise there, what teen doesn't? They aren't your classic teenage girls. These girls are feisty and the punk band they start without knowing to play even one instrument (that's faith right there) is evidence. They know how to keep it real, with their wiggity wack  sound they recruit Hedvig into their "band", who is nothing like them, in fact she is the complete opposite but oh! they do something about that.

So what is so good about it? The girls. The trio manages to represent each and every girl of the stick out like a sore thumb type in that teen/tween stage. Bobo, the odd one out, she knows it, dislikes it and tries all means to escape her harsh reality. Karla the loud mouth, headstrong and even with that outrageous mo-hawk on her head she still manages to be the pretty one. Hedvig, she is just like you and me, trying to figure it all out while being the voice of reason for this duo. There are a couple of hilarious, outrageous moments, some awkward moments, a moment or two that will seem all too familiar, the list is endless.

So go ahead, check it out. If you happen to be looking for direction, this is not the movie. But it does give you assurance that there are plenty of you out there. It is in pure Swedish but it does have subtitles, knock yourself out.

Have a good one!

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