Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Book Review: The Duff by Kody Keplinger + Movie Review

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I'm still carrying on with the good vibes I started the week off with while listening to some Majestic Casual the Hip Hop playlist if you want specifics and overplaying No Sleep, Janet Jackson featuring Mr. Cole World. Blissful living I tell you. Yet another reason why I am little Miss Sunshine this week is because I happened to watch The Duff. But before I get carried away, like I usually do, the book review.

Subconsciously, I have this list of bad ass fictional female lead characters. You are probably expecting a little bit of Tris maybe some Katniss, I hate to break it to you, they are not even featured. So far only Mia and Kim from Where She Went have made the cut and now Bianca from The Duff.

This is the first time I show complete appreciation for how negative, pessimistic and cynical one could possibly be. Right of the bat Bianca is one of those people. If she does not like you, she does not try to change it but if she hates you, that is a whole different story. Her friends, Jessica and Casey are bombshells which makes B, you guessed it, their D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend). Of course she was unaware of this and so were her friends. This is where Wesley Rush comes in. She has got a few choice words for this guy. Hate is a strong word but she really,really, really does not like him. I have to tell you that was the bait that had me hooked in the first place.

Just like Bianca, Wes has one hell of a mouth on him. Sarcasm could be B's secret weapon but Wes' insidious insult after insult is a good match. On the home front, things aren't very rosy for either of them. This sends them into a series of events as they try to cope.

There are a couple of things I loved about this book; it gets you laughing quite a bit and I mean laugh out loud moments especially when it comes to Wes and B's back and forth. Case in point,

"...along with glass of cherry soda. Interesting choice, by the way, I'd always pegged you for more of a Sprite girl. You know...plain"

When it comes to B being blunt, it's painfully hilarious. But behind the sarcasm and insults these guys are actually really tough cookies going through some really rough patches. On both their home fronts, things are not very rosy which sends B into a series of questionable actions. This is where my dislike comes in. It is very raunchy; sexual content is quite up there. The things these teenagers are doing! Gasp!

The story also feels very familiar at least some parts of it, definitely some cliches but do not get it twisted, there is originality.

The movie on the other hand is a different entity on its own and for the first time I don't mind. Bianca Piper is played by Mae Whitman (Parenthood). The plot is somewhat different  since this Bianca is not feeling the Duff demeanour and seeks Wes' help to drop it in exchange for some much needed Chemistry tutoring.

In all honesty, I like the movie way better. Then again I may be biased, I am a die hard Parenthood fan. There is  a lot of build on most of the characters; Wes is a jock (which could explain why he is such a hit with the ladies), Jessica and Casey are more than just beautiful faces. The soundtrack is pretty bomb, very now, with Charlie XCX, Icona Pop, The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato names you like to hear. It is, mark my words hella funny. HI-LA-RI-OUS. The original story has been changed up a little, a couple of new things added in, actually whole main characters which kinda sorta made it quite entertaining.

You can probably finish it in one sitting, watch the movie and that would be a day well spent if you ask me.

Here is an activity for ya, can you spot Kody Keplinger in the movie (channeling my homegirl Dora the Explorer).

Have a good one!

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