Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Slay Queen 101

I have got the perfect vibe going, for the most part at least; my orange lamp is on, a scented candle burning and a fire album going, Brent Faiyaz, Sonder Son. The scent from the candle isn't yet in the air and I have assaulted the heck out of Brent's debut album it only dropped nearly a fortnight ago and since then, not a day has passed without me listening to it over and over and over again. Since we are on the topic, three tracks you just have to listen to Needed you, Stay down and Talk 2 U, the album is a masterpiece so much so there is not one song on there that doesn't hit the spot even the interlude, give it a listen and thank me later.

Anyway, before the creation of the dreamy vibe I have got going on here I was making my usual commute home when it started raining. The moment the rain hit my brow, the brow that I had taken valuable time filling in this morning is around about the time that panic hit. Brows are everything in 2017 so I had every reason to put a little prep in my step as I made my way to my stop.

The only good thing about an unexpected downpour is that paths usually occupied by fruit and veg vendors clear out real quick. Getting from point A to B becomes a straight line and not the maze out of Pacman.

Lucky for me, I made it just in time, the bus was nearly full up and I was able to score myself an okay seat, a seat with a view of a slay queen. I would say in her natural habitat but come on, maybe an Uber would make the cut for a "natural habitat".

She was serving slay from head to toe, slay in the slay queen respect. Box braids tied into a high bun with a side part and of course to add some sauce into the mix, hair beads in subtle quantities, careful precision was applied just to make sure she is not doing the most.  A pair of large gold hoops and since they happen to be all the rage this season, of course she had to cop herself a pair. I live vicariously through anyone who can wear large hoops or any jewelry that can dangle from your earlobe just slightly grazing your clavicle or hardly touching it. I recently made the discovery that I have a short neck and although it really isn't much of a problem to anyone who cares to give a listening ear, picture me wearing a choker but you thinking it's a scarf because the distance between my head and shoulders is near negligible. Yeah, so that's hardly true but it sure does feel that way.

Back to the slay queen. She had a wide neck red top on which was borderline off-the-shoulder but not quite and a low back, nearly mid back but again not quite. It may have been a body suit, maybe just a form fitting top but if I know slay queens like I know them, it was a body suit. So here she is, just a body suit on , top half at least sitting right next to the bus' door. As convenient as that seat seems to be, that door flings open at every stop letting in ridiculously harsh cold air. Now I don't know about you, but comfort at least at a bare minimum level is a big plus whenever I am in a vehicle and gusty winds every few minutes, do not fit the description .

The lower half was not much to write home about. Skinny pair of jeans just a shade or two lighter from the classic wash and cream flats. How could I forget a classic red lip.The whole way she stayed glued on her phone, chatting away via Whatsapp, maybe checking her Instagram or doing what slay queens do.

When we got to her stop, the rain was still coming down. Even that didn't phase her, she was prepared with a mini umbrella. For me anytime there is so much as an unexpected shower even my umbrella seems to be working against me, the winds are way to strong for my umbrella's small, weak frame, to some extent it's is practically useless because the rain hits me from all angles not just above and despite every effort to keep myself toasty dry you can hardly tell the difference between myself and someone who didn't have an umbrella. Slay queens, I have made the logical conclusion, hail from a far distant land probably planet as even the rain seemed to recognize who she was, it didn't engulf her but respected the barrier that was the umbrella.

If there is even the one thing you take away from this, to be a slay queen your get-up has to scream slay on first impression, from the very tip of the ends of your hair to the sole of your feet.Be smart about it, top half is where the money is at. Have an agenda that keeps you constantly glued to your phone, who cares to look out your window or people watch when your phone is blowing up with tonnes of notifications. Now that you have the physical aspect down you will command an air of respect not only from us mere mortals but even nature's wrath overlooks your presence if you just so happen to be on its path.

Take this post with a grain of salt, slay queens this is their time, are they here to stay? Only time will tell. They happen to be a trendy phenomenon and I happen to be a people watcher. If you are a slay queen, rather consider yourself to be one because there is no association that I know of that gives the title keep doing what your doing, you are appreciated.

Have a good one!    


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