Thursday, 14 September 2017

Things are looking up

Survival is a priority at this point. In a span of 4 days, 4 days my friend out of 6 units 5 already have group assignments. It is insane and I have not seen the half of it. But you know what? Despite it all there is a silver lining. I thought I would have the supervisor from hell but I serve a living God. It is pretty weird putting God and hell in the same sentence. Anyway, I digress.

Turns out I was looking at the wrong list all along. The gag is, it was originally sent on Whatsapp and with all my not-so-good luck with all items electronic I am not on Whatsapp and as of Saturday my last hope of a mobile device, my tablet went kaput. Allow me to fill you in,

Saturday, myself and the tablet shared quite the goodbye. I pressed the start button. Nothing. Then the on button. Still nothing. Then the on button and the volume up button, just a blank screen. After a few hours of feeling sorry for myself and accepting the money I had spent on the darned thing had all gone down the train, I flipped back on its cover and put it far away in the depths of my bottom shelf never to be seen again. I am one with the fact that it is all gone and I will have to fork out quite the amount to buy myself a smartphone. For now I am oblivious of all things social media, especially the little obsession I had with Instagram.Isn't it poetic though, that a few weeks prior I was weaning myself off the good old 'gram and now the universe did the honours of taking it away from me cold turkey?

Fast forward to Monday, I intended to seize the day by all means. Sunday evening, I lay out my outfit of the day which would be a royal blue v-neck shirt, some plain black jeans/jeggings and one of my favorite black coats with a subtle blue lining and of course slip-ons. A hapless attempt of wanting to be taken seriously.

The intention was to get to school bright and early, 8 a.m to be precise. This plan also involved having my concept paper in hand. I was going to walk into his office with my idea of a power suit on, shove my concept paper in his hands and we were going to talk because I needed insight and insight I would get. The concept paper was never ready, something happened between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning which is just code for I took the  afternoon siesta of a lifetime. End of story.

If that wasn't enough I was barely able to get to school at the "ungodly" hour of 8 a.m, collegiates, you feel me? And by the time I rocked up at 10, courage in tow and knocked at his door, some guy, one of his interns I presume, tells me he is in Mombasa. Only, a few hours later I see the supposed guy who was meant to be on the sandy shores of Mombasa prancing around on campus grounds. In my efforts to get through to him, you know just being a studious scholar and that, I turn on stealth mode and follow him to his office. A few feet from his office door, maybe three, four steps tops, I say, "Excuse me, Mr X" and the response... when I finally get in his office I have to stand a one minute lecture on why I shouldn't be talking to people everywhere besides in their offices because, "...out there people are thinking about other things." Did I mention his whole office goes quiet and his intern team are just staring at me while I take all of this in?

You know what if you are a teacher, a lecturer, a professor, a facilitator basically the torch on bestowing knowledge on others is in your possession, this is for you. Lending a listening ear in a dignified manner does not make you any less of a person.. if anything the fact that a lowly student feels like they can approach you, if no one has told you this before, you are doing something right.

Okay, maybe I am overreacting. Actually, no, the cherry on top? He slid me some prized advice that I should email. Except I emailed at 3 p.m on Friday and I am  still waiting for someone to get back to me. No shade but the excuse I was met with was that we work Monday to Friday, aren't Monday mornings for responding to emails that were sent throughout the weekend? Yet they ask what is it with the public sector 

But, not anymore folks, turns out I was looking at the wrong list all along and I am happy to report that negativity made a stage left exit and I can go back to life as I know it, stress free. Well relatively.

Good riddance and,

Have a good one!

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