Monday, 23 January 2017

My Network Article

This was the article I wrote for My Network a magazine pull out in the Daily Nation, they were looking for writers and the winner would get an internship and I guess the article published. They never got back to me, but hey it's still a piece, enjoy!

They weren’t kidding when they said the world is at your fingertips, in all its glory, beauty, and art.  Going to galleries is still in, no doubt, but to take it all in, it’s probably all right in front of you. On your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, basically on your timeline.

Add a little juice to your timeline by following @jebet.n. She unconventionally takes the selfie to a whole other level, going back to its roots, the self portrait. More than that, her portraits are brought to life; call her, Chief GIF, as she adds animation to an otherwise still portrait.

The flare does not stop there; she goes beyond stand alone art, incorporating body art to the subject before her lense, tinkers with somewhat dull backgrounds sometimes in the most subtle of ways or going all in on them.

There is something about her black and white images. Black and white in itself comes across as unfiltered, as ironic as it seems. Jebet Naava’s is no different but there is something more, something gripping.

A little bit of everything features on her page, even with her focus on portraits; scenery, of course captured on its best side, Nairobi CBD monuments as never before seen, light falling in all the right places and perhaps what she draws her inspiration, maybe drive from, quotes, poem excerpts, music taste ranging from, possible president of #NuNairobi, @josephkiwangoart to the very soulful, new sounds of @yellowlightmachine.

Her work is dynamic, unpredictable and beyond captivating. Almost as if you managed to score a ticket to one of the most exclusive gallery shows yet. Until then though, go ahead and get cultured the self expression that is her Instagram and you can even go beyond it and on to her Behance, Jebet Naava for exclusive content.
  All of the picture belong to the super talented Jebet Naava follow her on her Insta!

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