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#Blog4Dev 2017

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Now, let me tell you, for me it has never been a walk in the park to write over topical issues especially essays. In primary school, way back in the day, our school director Mrs. Muhoro, would enter us into all manner of essay writing competitions especially the Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition. We participated maybe 3,4 years in a row(my primary school class of 2008) and nearly every year someone or a couple of people from my class would either be 'commended' or 'highly commended', I on the other hand never did, go figure. Regardless, it made us, winners and 'losers' alike, up our vocab and story-telling skills. All of it surely paid off because one of my classmates is now an avid content developer for one of Kenya's natural hair brands and might I say, my hat naturally goes off to her because her blog posts and captions are straight fire.

Long story short, this is my way of keeping the fire burning. Ladies and gentlemen, my #Blog4Dev 2017 entry. (I am out here just beaming with joy because I actually mastered the guts to write it, Super proud!)

A sizeable percentage of the G.D.P in East Africa is attributed to agriculture, specifically, 32%. The African continent has one of the youngest demographics in the world, with East Africa boasting of 80% of the population being below the age of 35. Majority have caught the entrepreneurial bug as statistics reflect a greater majority would aspire to start their own business. Despite all the odds, less and less youth take the plunge into the world of agribusiness.
Within the Kenyan context, the majority of farmland is in rural Kenya. Farming is largely practised on ancestral land perceived to be the family heirloom. Access to it is often limited, especially to the succeeding generation. The young are thought to be reckless with a get rich quick mentality in tow; selling the land instead of tilling it is a common occurrence. The fear by the older generation is understandably rife .Their efforts to protect the land  have now slowly evolved to be, in plain sight, a denial of the right to access land.
White collar jobs have been glamorized casting blue collar jobs away. Agriculture to many, may  lack the sophistication other professions are famed to offer.
Kenyan rural agriculture seems to be stuck in time. Traditional farming methods for instance are still adhered to despite faster more efficient methods having been in existence.
It is important to acknowledge the role  the internet has played in attracting youth in far flung areas to agriculture. Information is constantly shared through social media channels; blogs, websites, Twitter and Facebook, proving to be more than effective.
This innovation can be taken even a notch higher in unison with agricultural aide programmes such as Kenya’s Agri-Vijana loan targeting young people keen on undertaking agri-business,  more specifically, green house farming .
Creating an application that is a one-stop shop for all things agribusiness would be a sure industry changer. Alerts on outbreaks of crop and livestock diseases, would be shared, to those likely to be affected, precautions  issued with the relevant action plan to be taken against the infected. Handbook information would be shared out among first time farmers. A calendar with relevant dates that farmers would need to keep up with would also be a feature on the application.
Contemporary professions surrounding agriculture can also be developed. Whole new business concepts could be embraced or customised to suit the Kenyan nation. Take for instance the subscription food box; fresh fruit and vegetable delivered fresh from the farm on a weekly basis, with meal suggestions and portioned according to need. The hustle and bustle of going grocery shopping is gone, a time efficient approach, waste free and not to mention convenient.
Awe conferred to graduates who opt to put their degree on the back burner and instead delve into farm work should be a thing of the past. The rural urban migration conundrum to should follow suit as clearly the wealth eagerly sought after, the glamour and sophistication is the very earth we walk on. 
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P.S. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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