Saturday, 7 January 2017


So, today I turn 22. I honestly wanted to do a review of 2016; the music, the movies, the series, the blogs, Instagram accounts, the books, but the more I thought about it, the more daunting it became. The more daunting it became , the more I procrastinated...what's new?

That being said, and not knowing where I was going with this post, to know my music feels go onto my Youtube playlists, namely, Junior year 16/17. The first 25 videos have straight fire tunes that were on repeat, replay button broken and I even discovered the loop function, you get the point. The Majestic Casual playlist has 2016 tunes that will have you all up in your feelings. Summer Sixteen is another, but I will warn you that some of the tunes are a repeat from both  of the playlists, because you know, some hits are just timeless.

Chances are, I will hit replay on these playlists, and have just the right description behind these hits and or their respective artistes, but until then, read my lips when I say that those playlists are your best friend.

Let's make a major shift to my birthday. For the past few days, I have been feeling like a major disappointment to myself. The festive season was all that I ever needed and more; the classic combo of chill and family with just a dash of me-time. I purposed to write a couple of blog posts as earlier said, mainly to up the number of blog posts for the year to at least 17 instead of the measly 10 that appear on the side bar but even that did not pun out as intended.

The worst part however, was the realization in 2016 that my joy does not stem from money. To put it bluntly, I was way happier broke, living off of my parents but pursuing writing as if my life depended on it, as if it was already paying the bills. 2015, I had 50 posts, 2016 I had 10. Last year my mantra was ,'If  you are not happy about something, do something about it,' 2016, 'Everyday is a day closer to leaving'. Did I or didn't I make a 360?

Of  course something good came out of 2016; celebrating my first year of contractual employment, no matter how you look at it, that friends, is admirable consistency. Still keeping up with school co-curricular activities; K.M.U.N. A relative sense of financial stability; heck, I 'm even chipping in with some of the bills, able to treat the occasional friend or family to a treat or two, not forgetting myself in the spirit of giving. I fasted, for Lent, food, for the first time! Let me tell you it is no joke. Although my new found, rekindled, stronger than ever relationship with God blossomed and fizzled out in equal measure, there is simply no reward better than that of fasting.

Winning a writing competition for this poetic piece. I had not written poetry in years and to pour out my all into a piece from an episode of office bullying and have it garner such an unexpected result, do I serve a living God or what?

Completing legal attachment. Let me put this into perspective, I was juggling a job and an  internship which by the by, resulted in nothing but mostly good things on the internship evaluation form.

The last quarter of the year was just me rolling with the punches, but I still managed to churn out at least 10 articles around that time, which is better than none considering that was how it was looking in the middle of the year.

That being said, if you want to read into the main source of depression,I fortunately, ironically, documented that as well here. I will carry the memories with me into 2017 which is not a bad thing contrary to popular belief, believe it or not, nothing and nobody expects perfection from you. The moment you are comfortable with that realization, you will be gradually living for you, going beyond your comfort zone and living up to your own expectations, which is what I seek to be mastering at 22.

Happy New Year!


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