Sunday, 31 August 2014

TeensCanWriteToo Blog chain: What Characters are you most like?

This is my first blog chain ever and I am super stoked. But that being besides the point who would have ever thought that the 31st would get here this fast?

On too the business of the day, what characters am I most like?

I gave a lot of thought to this and I had a couple of outrageous characters like Dora the Explorer, Elmo, Po from Teletubbies maybe its because I've been watching a load of cartoons but its probably because those are characters I've also wished I was. And yes, you are still reading a teen writer's blog.

The following though are the characters I did settle on:

  1. Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. First up, me and Christina are similar in more way than one; we are both uptight, we know what we want and how to get it and blunt just to mention some of the attributes we share.

  2. Julia Braverman from Parenthood. May I just say that I absolutely love Parenthood in one of those set aside a whole weekend just to have a Parenthood marathon type of way. It seems like at first everything is going Julia's way and then the inevitable happens; change. Instead of complaining until she can't complain any more, she adapts. Yes an emotional breakdown here and a fake smile there but she scrapes through. With all the chaos in her life she still thinks of others. A lot like what I have to do. Not forgetting that her dress sense and mine are in the same league and that she's a lawyer like I'd like to be when I'm older.
  3. The Huxtable Kids. I thought about it being Denise Huxtable only but I settled on all of them because let's face it the Huxtables, they come as a package. So Denise and I both have trouble adjusting to college life not to mention all the responsibility that comes with it; from grades to money to self-motivation but in the end we both find a way through the problem plus her wardrobe, I wish I could get lost in it
Theo Huxtable. I am just going to say it right out Theo and I buddies in having an untidy room, unconventional studying methods and embarrassing high school grades.

 Vanessa Huxtable. Just like Vanessa I like getting myself into other people's business, horrible I know, but again just like her I don't find out much. on a lighter note though we both try out different things with our hair, that if I do say so myself are not too shabby.
Last but not least, Rudy Huxtable. The youngest out of all of the Huxtables and she gets away with a lot of mischief that she manages to get herself into just like I used too.

I realize that there are five Huxtables but I honestly do not connect with Sondra, sorry?

4. Quentin from Paper Towns. I am not exactly like Q, but one thing's for sure, Q and I we do not let things go. Maybe I'm a tad bit milder in terms of not letting things go unlike Q who would even go to the ends of the earth just to find a girl, sorry, just to find Margo Roth Spiegelman.
5. And finally June from Tell The Wolves I'm Home. There are like a billion things June and I have in common and to sum them all up and the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb would be how such a non conformist we both are.

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  1. The Huxtables are so funny... Also, I really like what you did with the links! Thanks for posting. :D

    1. Finally someone who understands the Huxtables like I do....Thanks and guess what you are my first comment:)

  2. I love Parenthood in the way that I could schedule a weekend all day all might Parenthood marathon too. For real. Awesome characters!

    1. We should start a Parenthood fan I right? Thanks for reading:)