Tuesday, 12 August 2014

#ManCrushProbablyNot Monday: Bill Rancic

I couldn't be more excited writing this article because 1) I'm eating pizza  courtesy of my sister 2) I'm listening to Disclosure 3) Bill Rancic is like the definition of cool in my books.

But then again, I could be writing this article because of one too many Giuliana and Bill episodes or because Rancic here seems to have the Midas touch, turning everything into pure gold. His gone from having a million dollar cigar business to Mr. Trump's first appearance to owning eateries (RPM), I could go on and on, so, why not?

The Apprentice Season 1 is still fresh in my mind. It was the highlight of my Thursday evenings while in middle school. You have to admit it when Mr. Trump said, "You're fired!" in that board room you said it with him, at least I know I did. The best part, the cool team names; Versacorp and Protege. It doesn't get any cooler than that.

I remember one particular contestant though and it sure is not Bill (sorry Billy...I can you call that right?). Some short annoying guy who got underneath everyone's skin. So you can only imagine how excited I was when he lost and Bill won.

To think, the then future apprentice was once not the top of the crop while at school, in fact, he was far from it!

Despite one of his teachers making a snazzy comment in regard to his intellectual capabilities, he proved him/her wrong. (Take that Bill's teacher!)

His is clearly a case of not how you start but how strong you finish.

The truth is he's kind of the perfect guy. I know, I know there's know such thing as perfect and all of you guys going "Yeah, right," yup I see you through my cyber eyes, hear me out. His the perfect husband in my opinion, bringing Giuliana coffee in bed nearly every morning (Giuliana you lucky girl, you), the perfect dad...just look at "The Duke" (Duke); just so you know his Twitter has more followers than E!'s Katt Saddler last I heard. His also an author,has run marathon(s), the ultimate son-in-law(I think Eduardo Depandi would agree with me on that one) and the unlikely favorite, he encouraged Mama Depandi to write a cook book but who can forget the friendly feuds he has with E!'s Jason Kennedy.

All I can say is, Bill, can I be Your apprentice?

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