Monday, 16 June 2014

#WomanCrushNotWednesday Veronica Roth

Two words for you, Veronica Roth. Writer of the Divergent series.

I know, I know another young adult dystopian novel which you could probably do without but hear me out. What fascinates me most about Veronica is her age. The lady is in her twenties and already she has a New York Times Best Seller under her belt.

She wrote it while on her winter break from Northwestern University. The first draft at least of divergent.

When you have something good you run with it and that is exactly what she did. She sold the movie rights before she graduated.

Although I have my reservations about the book series being a movie, I have to say I look up to her in so many ways given that she is one of the youngest authors in the dystopian genre game.

She is so good I even considered trying to write a dystopian novel. I can almost see it, a dystopian Nairobi, where 16-year-olds are no longer into electronic dance music (EDM) or adoring the Jenner sisters but are now ... well I don't know what they would be facing yet but hey! a girl gotta start somewhere.

My only hope is that she writes something else other than dystopia and the like. You know be divergent... see what I did there? As much as her genre is all the rage right now you know how young adult goes. For one they don't stay young adults for long and embracing the new almost always happens.

Today is Veronica Roth and tomorrow its the next big author.

Oh well for now I am in love with Divergent and I just found out I am one (did the quiz online Erudite and Dauntless to be exact just like Tris!!). I know, sad what I do with my spare time.

Veronica if your reading this... hey I am just thrilled your setting eyes on my "work".

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