Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ryan Seacrest. Is He Taking Over the World?

To be honest, I considered naming this post #ManCrushNotMonday but I didn't for a couple of reasons:

1. All good men are either dead or taken and seeing as to how Ryan Seacrest is not dead you guessed it he's taken or is he?

2. His height is a shortcoming. Ha! See what I did there? I honestly didn't. Don't believe me? fine! In the event I was to have a #ManCrushNotMonday or a  #ManCrushMonday I think he'd kinda have to be rather tall. Sorry Ryan.

3. It was going to be a bit too Instagram-my(no such word by the way) for me.

He is probably executive producer extrodinaire and Hollywood's hottest host. He has literally hosted everything big. I'm talking American Idols, E!News and literally every hot award season red carpet event there is.

This is the guy who made the Kardashians, the Kardashians!

Whatever I said up there is just a snippet of what he has done but the main reason why I am super duper intrigued with this guy right here, is that he recently launched a men's clothing line  under Macy's which will soon be available in the fall.
That just hit me like woah! Does the guy run on jet fuel or something because he literally does not stop.

So you are probably thinking "It"s just a clothing line" oh no people, Mr. Seacrest here is going for the whole shabang here; suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, belts and ties, complete with a color-matching system which you should probably read more about here. And most importantly the fit on these suits is perfect giving men that A-list look.

With Ryan you never know what's coming next. Today a clothing line, tomorrow the motor industry! Who knows? All I know is that I'll be on the look out waiting for the next big thing.

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