Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Working Girl Chronicles 2: How is work?

There is a vibe of pessimism that seems to be quite apparent in me nowadays. With this piece of information, I feel like I should be on a mission to change things up but until then, let me just say the question above, always, I repeat always rubs me the wrong way.

Don't get me wrong , it's not like every aspect work is unbearable but the influence it has over everything surrounding it, sure makes it feel that way.

A number of people after asking, How are you? are quick to follow it up with the How is work? In the spirit of courtesy, you just cannot bare it all in conversation especially in pleasantries but in writing, I say, rant away. Just read into it as what you would be  getting yourself into if ever you give yourself a head start into the workforce.

Say goodbye to freedom as you know it. Everything that you want to do even before it takes off comes to a screeching halt. You are tethered  between your life and work, literally just revolving around those two points. Got co-curricular activities? Chances are you can't make the meetings. Social events? Enjoying them wholly, forget about it you are either tired from work or your eye is constantly on the time so that you are not late to work.

Constant exhaustion is the name of the game. You got school, work, schoolwork and whatever else you are trying to juggle. The solution is you need more hours of sleep to cope with your hectic lifestyle, long story short it won't happen.

Remember those people  that not even a day would pass without you talking, having a hearty laugh you know the one that has you hollering, plain chill sessions? Remember your friends? If you are not careful , there new status in your life will be nothing but that, a memory. But before you get there, seeing them and I mean really seeing them becomes quite the rarity. Things will change and you will only notice them when its old news and they are already on to the next one.

Necessary things that need to get done laundry, good grooming hair, brows, mani-pedis house chores, the dreaded cleaning your room or just cleaning in general don't get done as fast more like as frequently as you would like. Then slowly but surely, a couple of things start to pile up, again laundry. Can you tell my laundry situation is a bit on the deep end? Need I mention that you are the one who needs to get them done but because sleep trumps routine any day all day, you are in this situation. In the words of DJ Khaled, "Congratulations, you played yourself."

Once you get into the routine of things, you are getting things done fast and efficient. You develop a trait of predictability, which is code for boring. If you are a 20-something like myself, you get a rush out of spontaneity and probably the most fun at it to. Basically the risk of being boring, is high and has been met.

From this post you know I am an over-thinker and with that comes a dash of anxiety. Anxiety over the fear that you are putting way too much into work and forgetting every other aspect of your so-called life.

That being said, again read into this as a raw taste of what is to come if you consider giving this work-study flow a run. There will be other articles following this one talking about the work-study "conundrum". This was just the order I feel should be considered; what you are getting your sorry self into, what to look for in a job and of course the benefits. Basically, more of the bad and ugly first, then the good!

Have a good one!   

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