Monday, 19 September 2016

Surviving College: Semester In Review

It's over, the holidays are over! Like all good things, I guess this too must come to an end.

Getting right into it my semester in review. Second year of college. We are past the half way point and boy hasn't it been one heck-uhv-a-ride. Theoretically, I am one of those people who like to live their life with no regrets. Everything happens for a reason right? Coupled with that, I am a self proclaimed over thinker. So, again regrets not so much, but I go heavy on the what-ifs.

First aspect of review, getting right into it like an African parent, academics. My transcript, in an effort to kick start this on a positive note, no fails. You have to be grateful for something, am I right? On the realness end though, I am just above average or average or worst just below average. Average, gives me the  chills. Now this is where, y'all expect me to confess how much of a slacker I have been, au contraire. I truly feel that this school year, I hit the books harder than I did freshman year. Attending all my classes-check, class participation-check (okay,not entirely), frequent library study sessions-I cannot even lie, not as much as they should, lecturer consultation- nil, but in my defense...okay no excuses, study time-check, though, I will say from where I stand it looks like I am studying harder as opposed to smarter.

That awkward moment when you realize the problem is you.

Clearly a couple of things need to change this school year. Library visits and smart study especially. Folks, it's crunch time.

Co-curricular activities. If there is even dash of expectation that you that you think I take part in a sport, I am awfully flattered. A work out alone is a task. Genuinely, a minute ago, I was all about that, "I could really careless" attitude but now that I look at it surely a work out will get the blood rushing, encourage an aspect of discipline, release feel good endorphins and all that good stuff.

White flag is up ladies and gentlemen and at this moment I declare I am on the look out for a good workout routine or better yet, face my fear of running.

Participation in the 15th Annual Kenya Model United Nations was rewarding. Rewarding-used to describe the painful process and the wonderful outcome.. There maybe a blog post in the works with the conference through my eyes, who knows, no really, I do not even know. Either way doing things besides school work, my way of sugar coating I need a break every once in a while is welcome with open bear hug arms.

This brings me to one of my most neglected co-curricular activities. This li'l ole URL over here. My claim for the love of writing is such a joke, more so, the theory that I do not have time is the biggest setback of all time. You heard that here first kids. O f course you didn't but you get the picture. Until I stopped writing, I did not know how much I loved it. A whole new world of Youtube channels, music that I am in absolute love with, working girl chronicles remains unlocked.But that changes now, with the new found will of writing a post a week. Miserable, I know but I realized two would be pushing it. Baby steps, grasshopper, baby steps.

An air of an unintended reading slump. A book a week, more like a book when I can. In the past four months I have read two books, two! A book a week is back with a bang, okay maybe two books a month. Now that's realistic.

Might as well just slide in there a weekly movie night/day plus naps, loads and loads of naps. I seriously feel deprived of down time. Between school and work, a slounge sesh is my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, Kericho Gold flavoured tea are out of this world and movie night and tea, you can't make this stuff up! The price tag is a bit on the higher side, but you know, treat yo' self.

Let me take you to church. On a spiritual level, I mean it is no  wonder my semester as per this blog post was shambles ridden. Do not get me wrong there is an aspect of #Blessed. But, bruh, I do not give God the time of day and it kills me. I will say though that earlier this year I fasted food for the first time ever for Lent and I had absolutely no option but to get closer to Him. Isn't it funny the near "death" experience that comes with letting go of a material object even just for a time? You know the saying show me your friends and I will tell you who you are? Let's just say, God did a little spring cleaning in my life during this time in regards to the people who are constantly in my life. Best part? I only went in looking to strengthen my relationship with God and know Him more and better and He gave me a bonus.

So help me God, the irony, I need to be on that Bible and prayer tip at least everyday this last quarter of the year.

Have a good one!  

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