Thursday, 1 October 2015

Surviving College : First Week Hacks

*sigh* I  just had one of the easiest mornings in a while; cancelled class, sleeping in and waking up to one of the best DJ sets courtesy of Just A Band's, Blinky Bill topping it all of my tweet getting favorited by him. Can you blame him? My hashtag was, how do I say, fire?

In other news, it's a new month. Besides smoothly easing into it, one month into the school year and homie we made it! Let me be completely honest and say that this whole month felt like the first week of school. Sure it flew past but getting into the hang of things, not so much.

Either way, I figured let me share a few pointers on how to get your bearings on the first week especially in college where the temptation of cutting class is at a record high.

Go your first day. Have an early night and a mindset that vacation is over, sadly. Of course there's the little leeway that  you don't have to rock up on time, so in my humble opinion use the heck out of it, but don't abuse it. Use it because chances are, your professor also hasn't gotten the hang of the schedule plus it is an unsaid rule. The upside besides getting your academic life? Seeing all your friends and classmates. Maybe you missed them or missed seeing their faces. Either way get to know whether their vacay was yay or nay. It takes the dreadfulness out of the first day anyway.

My schedule/timetable comes out nearly a week before school starts but there's always the possibility that a few changes may be made. Usually this is just for rules of engagement between the class and the lecturer i.e moving a class that would otherwise start at 8 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. or 9 a.m. Some professors go out of their way to tell you when your group assignments, tests, individual assignments and the like may be. Does being M.I.A on day one scream no-no yet?

Now that you got your schedule, it's time to know your schedule. The location of your classes, materials  you need each day for instance rolling up on Wednesday or Thursday without my Sale of Goods Act, yup, not happening. Your schedule also lets you know when you do not have class which is a good time to schedule, drum roll please...library binge sessions, study time and group work dates. Slowly but surely by consistently attending class this schedule and your personal schedule become second nature.

The first week is also prime time to size up your lecturer. Are they drill sergeants or the easy going type.Chances are you already have the down-low on them from their past classes but just keep it old school and hear it all from the horse's mouth before you form an inaccurate opinion about them. Of course, accord to each of them the same respect. The first week basically sets the pace for the whole semester and you can gauge whether this is going to be "that" class (exciting) or "that" class (meh).

You and I both know that the first class equals introductions, ground rules, the ol' what-do-you-expect-from-me, what-do-I-expect-from-you run down and course outline. It can take anywhere between twenty minutes and an hour. If you are lucky telling you where all the course materials can be found marks the end of a class. Or does it? Some lecturers waste no time and dive right in. I am not such a fan of this, (who is?) but they are usually the type to complete the syllabus in record time leaving you ample time to study for finals. If anything, I think this is reason number one why you should get yourself to class on your first day/week.

All in all my first month back to school is of to a bumpy start with concluding internships and prior  commitments which thankfully I am done with but on the flip side, the library is seeing a lot more of me these days. No, I do not have tests (yet) or exams, just, you know, working smart. One can only hope that this whole "star student" thing lasts.

How was your first month back in school? Up, down, can't get any better? Let me know in the comments,

Have a good one!  


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