Sunday, 16 November 2014

Surviving College: #WalkingNineToFive

Yes people, you read that right, walking nine to five. Of course you'll probably also be working nine to five, okay, I lie probably more hours than that, but nevertheless, you still have to be comfortable especially in the feet department. I can guarantee you will be walking everywhere because that bus fare is not as cheap as you initially thought.

At this point, I think this would be the right time to tell you that fashion and style go out the window, not completely though, while comfort, versatility and durability come into play. You're probably going to have to say bye to your ballet flats because honey, these Nairobi Streets will have no mercy on them. And heels, well, I suggest you change into them once you reach your destination. That's fair enough,right?

So onto my choice of shoes for your comfort:

1. These shoes are no doubt the most comfortable and durable, but best of all, they do not cost you an arm or a leg or both. These shoes go with all informal pants i.e jeans, khaki, chinoes you name it. Seen here. These shoes retail between 300/- and 500/-. Yet another plus is they do not have shoe laces and are very similar to TOMS, which could be the best shoes ever invented.
  And to keep my promise of fashion and style not going entirely out of the window, I am going to give you a minute to see how Shameless Maya styles them here and how Sharon Mundia of thisisEss styles yet another pair of shoes also as comfy here You see how I got you.

2. These next shoes I practically live in. Yet again they are cheap(within the same price range as the one's above), comfy and durable. The closest image I could find was the one below. Of course, these are a different brand and price but you get the visual idea.

(Both are available in Bata stores.)

If you are not into all these pocket friendly shoes, I still got you. In fact, the shoe world is your oyster. Let me refer you to my wishlist:
These are available in Bata and retail for Ksh.1,799.

There are a lot more shoes of course from Vans to North Stars to adorable thrift finds. The choice is yours, and your pocket's of course.

The only down side to these shoes is when the rainy season strikes you would be safer opting for boots, let me just emphasize, water proof boots.
My all time fave, riding boots:

Make the right shoe choice people no matter how good that pair of heels is looking. Happy and comfy walking guys!!

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