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Book Review: #It'sKindOfAFunnyStory Ned Vizzini

She's alive...I know, I know its been one awfully long minute but don't blame me, blame the person who invented education. Okay maybe not? But I think any loyal reader deserves an word WORK. I have been neck deep in assignments, group work, tonnes of reading the list could go on and on, so let me stop myself and book review!!

Well, It's Kind Of A Funny Story is kind of a funny story. What? It is.

Let me give you the rap. Craig Gilner, a boy in his early teens, fifteen to be exact who happens to be depressed. His depression takes a turn for the worst when he becomes suicidal. He ends up checking himself into a psych ward in a bid to become better. We follow Craig on his remarkable journey during his five day stay in the hospital.

I cannot begin to explain how accurate this book is, especially when you begin to see the teenage decisions Craig is faced with. The teenage years, still the worst. Take for instance Craig who literally studies his middle school life away yet his best friend hardly lifts a finger and, they both get in. Relatable, no? Come on we all know that one person who works on an application an hour befre the deadline, sails through and then there's you, the unfortunate soul who slaved away for days, no weeks, no months to possibly get in.

Then the lame notion that the grass is always greener on the other side. Ha! Such a lie. Ned Vizzini could not have been more spot on capturing this aspect. Craig who was under the illusion that the school of his dreams was going to be all that and a bag of chips, turns out is what got him into the psych ward in the first place! Yup, the grass you are currently on all yellow and smelly, dead, dry and wilted isn't actually that bad.

The accuracy was one thing but the different perspective that Ned let's you see mental patients from is another. This line sums it all up,


So, the book does live up to its title, you know, being kind of funny and all. Craig, despite being on the verge of suicide, his thoughts send you on a bout of stifled laughter. His diagnosis after he checks himself in is "suicidal ideation". Let me just tell you he is not the only one who thinks that that would make a rad' band name. Kind of funny huh?

This book couldn't be more versatile. It's for the confused new teen just as much as it is for the curious tween. Are you in a mid life crisis? This is possibly the book for you. Are you a parent to a teenager? This book somewhat helps you to understand the teenage mind, but let's face it you'll never fully understand it.

Of  course, I didn't like everything about it especially the steamy scene at the end but other than that everything was great especially the characters Muqtada, Solomon and of course how could I forget Noelle and all the other incredible characters?

A book dealing with mental illness of course is not all rainbows and cherubs but once in a while a reality check is in order.

P.S Ned Vizzini, the author, did spend five days in a psych ward and look what came of it, a bestseller!

Songs on replay while I was reading this book:
Foster The People- Coming of age
Sam Smith- Restart

Feel free to comment with anything #It'sKindOfAFunnyStory and tell me since this book has a motion picture to it, do you think the book was kept in the movie or was the movie better?

Happy reading y'all!!

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