Wednesday, 29 June 2016


I figured I owe it to myself at least my future self an explanation of my whereabouts over the last what? six, seven months. That may sound a tad bit narcissistic but, aye my memory may fail in the near future and the period between December 2015 and most of June 2016 will be just one big gap. This is beginning to sound like a subtle horror movie.

Side note, the sun has come out of hiding babies or rather toddlers are out with their nannies getting some good old vitamin D, house-helps are out spilling the tea on God knows what and I have managed to score quite the vantage point to people watch.  All these equals, good vibes central and I am digging it all the way.

Getting straight to the point, home-girl here is now a part of the working class. Yes folks I am a working woman now. The whole nine-to-five, suit and tie and everything else that comes with it. It is tweaked quite a bit though, for instance, it is not your typical nine to five neither is it suit and tie but its still a job and I gotta say six months in , I love...wait for it...the pay cheque that comes with it. Might as well throw in the experience since, well, you know society. And of course who can forget the tonnes of lessons which I am learning along the way.

Given that I have been vague enough, I work front desk at a fairly new fitness studio. Coincidentally this was the job description I dreamed of all those years I watched college based series. Guess you can say I am "leaving the dream" so to speak.

The one thing they never showed on these T.V shows, the reality behind a working student. That or I never paid attention. I have had to say goodbye to weekends as I know them and free time in general. On the plus side I do realize the value of a minute and I can now afford to splurge on a "must have" here and there although I do so consciously. What can I say, mo' money, mo' problems.

My policy last year, if you are not happy about something, do something about it. In my case I could not have been more tired of always being short moneywise and being idle all holiday long so, I did something about it. Application after  application, two internships and one interview later, flash forward a couple of months down the  line and I am here. How is life on the other side you ask? I will take a fairly good amount of financial liberation any day.

Let me put it out there that I am still doing me. School, co-curricular activities; Kenya M.U.N, heck I even managed to be top ten in a writing competition. Isn't every opportunity great for some shameless self promotion (which I will post soon).

You know how there is a Surviving College series, I have been toying around with the idea of having a Millenial Working girl series. The big question is can I stay committed to this blog or am I going to pull another disappearing act on this URL again? I live for calculated risks, well not really but this, I think I got this.

Have a good one!   

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