Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Surviving College:#Freshmen'sFreshTips

I don't know if you read my last post here, but I hope you felt my pain and more so walked in my shoes because boy, didn't I need some moral support. Clearly, the day was more than memorable but not the memories I'd like you or any other individual planning to join university to have.

To save you the trouble, I have come up with a couple of pointers to prevent you from experiencing the first day of university from hell, you can thank me later or now, my postal address is...no, just kidding. 

This is mainly for those in Kenyan universities but may be applicable all across the world, I wouldn't know if indeed they are applicable elsewhere but who knows? A tip or two may be of help.

1. Get your letter of admission as soon as it is out. This will lead me to maybe the most important tip, tip number two.

2. Once you get your letter of admission and the documents that come with it, fill them immediately. Especially those that need the involvement of another party other than you and your sponsor. From the medical to the legal documents... everything.

3. Double check and triple check the forms you filled have been filled correctly.

4. Pay your tuition right...you do not want to be a sequel to my story here.

5. If there's anything that can be done online do it. I t will probably save you some trouble somewhere.

6.  Have one or two passport photos of yourself even though it's not been indicated. I should let you know, that if you  own a wallet or purse that should be a staple by now.

7. Dress pretty, top half at least, you deserve a nice school identification photo.

8. This may not be highly advised because apparently now you are an adult and you should be responsible, independent and all that mumbo jumbo but rebel to this specific extent: go with your parent(s) or guardian , have them close by at least. They can bail you out of every speed bump incurred, save you a spot an a queue, keep you company, get you food and/or drink at their expense of course while you stand on the line, raise their voice at a couple of individuals on your behalf, the list is endless. Just don't let them do any of the dirty work. 

9. Get their early it will only pay off if your documents are in order of course.

10. Start enjoying freshman year.

Happy Freshman Year !!!

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